3.8 5 0 99 99 Campbell’s® NEW Pho broth is prepared right here in Canada, using quality ingredients and ALL NATURAL FLAVOURS.
Campbell’s New Ready to Use Gluten Free Flavour Infused Pho Broth
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Not authentic
I love Pho but this version by Campbell's does not have the flavour profile I am used to. This certainly has the convenience of a broth already made. I will not reccoment this item.
i'm viet
I am vietnamese and this definitely doesn't taste like pho broth... it's some sort of broth but NOT AUTHENTIC PHO
Great soup base
I have used the broth to make pho as well as a base for other soups. I like the taste & different from using beef or chicken broth. I always keep a container on hand now.
I didn’t really like it
First time I had it and loved it but second time I tried the same one and taste was not like the first one. Didn’t feel like to finish it up.
This makes an Amazing base to any stock or gravy. We love that it is gluten free as we are a gluten free household. It tastes fresh and on point.
Best broth
I use this product weekly it is a staple in our pantry and I love that it is so affordable and taste is great I use it to make gravy’s roasts and much much more definitely will continue buying!!
New Favorite
This soup base is now a new go to, on its own, mixed with another kind. Delish.
This soup has gluten free and made from natural ingredients and it is very delicious
lovely spice mix
So easy to add some veggies, meat & noodles to make a lovely, asian style soup. The herb/spice mix is so different from your regular stock broths. This has become a pantry staple in our house
Versatile Broth - Pantry Must Have
Love it! I went to make homemade mushroom soup and didn't have any of my usual chicken broth so I grabbed this (I was saving it to try a pho recipe). Loved how it made my soup taste! I will keep this as a pantry staple!
Perfect Broth
Just what you need in a broth to add to so many different recipes. I love the taste and it's very convenient to have already prepared. No messing with stock cubes. I would recommend this product.
Just add veggies and meat!
This is amazing for making Pho at home. Flavor is robust and is the perfect base for any meat or veggie Pho noodle soup. So good!
Bouillon Pho
Bouillon manque un tantinet d'assaisonnement , facile d'emploi. Dépannage rapide pour une soupe à la vietnamienne. Bénéficiera d'ajout de basilique et anis.
Like the flavour
I tried this recently, instead of my regular product, in my special Won Ton soup. I was pleasantly surprised. Very nice flavor. Would love to see more broth varieties.
I love these campbells broth they are excellent I use them all the time in soups and on in my slow cooker with roast. Excellent

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