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Campbell’s New Ready to Use Gluten Free Flavour Infused Pho Broth
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Great Addition to Recipes
I’ve tried this a few times now & am enjoying it. Add it to stir fry dishes for a different taste. My favourite thing is mixing it with low-sodium chicken broth & a bit of chicken bouillon to make a soup. Some frozen potstickers, frozen udon noodles, green onions & whatever vegetables you have on hand. A few shrimp tossed in.....lovely! Garlic, hot sauce, parsley flakes & lots of pepper. Finish it off with a bit of butter to smooth out the flavour. I’m sure you could mix up the ingredients & come up with something amazing 🌷
J’ai adorer ce bouillon Super pour faire une super bonne soupe asiatique
nice change from straight chicken broth
make a quick soup, with veggies, and some rice noodles nice flavour,
tester à la maison
Il est juste trooop bon. Nous avons l'impression de manger une bonne soupe de notre restaurant vietnamien préféré. Ici c'est notre chouchou
wonderful and so quick and easy to use
I am a big soup maker from long ago. Especially in the Autumn I begin, as it is great to make a big pot at once also for a few lunches a week, or just a quick healthy snack, or meal. I used this Phoa flavoured broth and have gone back and bought more in other flavours. It is really great, and when I first used it, I looked at a Phoa recipe so as to actually make an "authentic" soup. It was great tasting, with a lot of flavour and really as good as restaurant broths that I have had before. My family and I like the other flavours as well, and it is SO convenient timewise to have this on hand, Great for stews as well.
Convenience in a jiffy.
Great product when you don't have the time to make a broth. I added vegetables and was pleasantly surprised as the family just assumed I had made the entire soup myself all day in a crock pot. Definitely worth the money.
Decent & convenient
Has decent flavour; beats having to simmer a broth for a whole day after assembling all the special ingredients. Great convenience product.
Campbell's Pho Broth
Very flavorful and so easy to use when making a hot pot. Love it.
A essayé
Lors d'une dégustation en épicerie nous avions goûter mon mari et moi a une soupe a base de bouillon Pho et nous avons été surpris par le gout et nous avons beaucoup aimé. Gout particulier c'est soit qu'on aime ou pas.
Vraiment super bon!!!! On rajoute des nouilles, légumes et protéines a porté de main et voila, un repas vite fait et délicieux! Pour moi c'est un hit et depuis cette découverte j'en achète souvent!
This product is so good. It is naturally flavoured which is great!
This broth is quite good. I use it to make some quick and easy soup. I usually add some sprouts, rice noodles, some lime juice, and any other vegetables I have at home. It is definitely not restaurant quality but it has a lot of the spices and flavor you would expect in a pho broth.
Adds a delicious flavour to soups, would also be great to add to rice or other asian dishes in place of other broths.
This is so yummy and a very nice new product that is different that the traditional flavours of broth. Makes trying new recipes at home fun!
Used this to make pho soup for the boys and they loved it.

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