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Campbell’s New Ready to Use Gluten Free Flavour Infused Pho Broth
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I use this with beef soup and when basting whole chickens. Delicious.
This is a great starter for my soups. It seems to add so much flavor to my soup.
An easy way to make Pho. Using this product saves me from buying the various fresh spices that Pho requires. I keep a container of Pho broth in the pantry for quick and easy meals that taste great. I followed the recipe on the box the first time then branched out to satisfy my tastes. A wonderful product.
I like to use this for pho soup, but I won’t use it alone because the flavour is weak. I mix miso soup for more flavouring.
I love this product. I've used it about 4 times now, last time in my instant pot. Makes great pho!
Tastes nothing like pho broth - this is weak, bland beef broth.
I use Campbell's Pho broth as a base for all my homemade soups now. I've tried many brands but Campbell's in my opinion makes the best broth. The Pho broth has a wonderful taste. It's even great to use on its own with added dumplings.
Acceptable substitute if you need it in a pinch. It’s not nearly as fragrant and flavorful as a homemade pho broth but has some of the herb flavor.
Le bouillon ne ressemble en rien au produit réel asiatique. Le gout n'est pas le même tout. Je ne dis pas que je ne l'essaierais pas de nouveau, mais pas pour l'instant.
je n'ai pas aimé le gout trop présent de cannelle .la quantité est bonne pour une personne.
Easy to use but find it a little bland. Needs something to make it a little stronger tasting. Definitely have to add spices, onions etc.
When broth was on sale, I decided to give it a try. It was tasty, though I have not had real Pho, so do not have anything to compare it to.
Its a good starter you definately have to add things to it but much easier than making your own.
I love Campbells's Pho broth! It makes home made noodle bowls easy/. I love that its gluten free.
I don't know if I really cared for the taste. My husband did not and he likes just about everything. I would not buy this flavour again!

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