4.5 5 0 130 130 93% Less Sodium than our regular Ready to Use chicken broth.
Campbell`s No Salt Added Chicken Broth
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I am not a fan of using salt in my cooking for health reasons. This broth tastes amazing without the salt. It is good for soups, to add to casseroles and even cooking your rice in. I would recommend.
Easy on time and healthy
When I don’t have time to make my own I use no salt added broth great for stews or any other dish
Love the no salt added!
I absolutely love the no salt added Campbell's broth! it still manages to add flavour without making the soup super salty and overpowering. I add one of these to my shopping basket every week!
easy to use
I like to cook in my pressure cooker, making soups, stews etc. all the time. This is an easy way to add flavour to whatever I am making. I like the lack of salt in this product, as I do not cook with salt and this product falls in line with my way of cooking. Great flavour, easy to use. I must have for in the pantry.
Campbell's no salt added chicken broth
This is a great tasting broth. Great product fair price. I always have atleast one box in the house comes in handy when I make things like stirfry, rice etc.
I love this chicken broth!
I have been using Campbell’s broth’s for a long time in my cooking but it definitely makes cooking soup an easy task in this house. It is the best tasting over other brands that I have used and I love that it comes in less salt so you can consciously make healthier decisions for your family without compromising great flavor.
Low salt
This product is great to add to many dishes... enjoyed very much!!!
No salt...AWESOME!!
My mother never used salt and that was passed down to myself....I love that this product has NO SALT so I can cook healthier food for my family
less salt is good
use this to top off my home made chicken soup, nice that no salt is added
Just as good
I used the no salt broth for a Pasta dish where you cook the pasta in the chicken broth. I found that it still had the same chicken flavour and was just as good as the regular broth. It is nice knowing it did not have the extra salt and did not affect the dish
This broth has great flavour, and I like the "no salt" which makes it healthy!
i use this almost every dinner, makes the average veg much better tasting!
we use the no salt added broth all the time. i have heart failure and cannot have any salt. i have to cut it out whenever possible. i love the taste and it's a great addition to our soups and stews. i recommend campbell's no salt added broth anytime you need it in a recipe.
It's a really healthy broth with no salt.
Being a vegetarian who cooks for carnivores lol I often times have a hard time picking a product to cook certain meals with. I have always used Campbells chicken broth because I have never had a complaint. While on my last trip i accidently picked up a no salt added one. I never even notice until I needed to use it. I had no choice but to use it and since nobody noticed this is now my new go to.

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