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it's ok
It's not the best of their flavours, but it's good and when walmart has it at 4 for $8 it's worth putting it into the mix.
A soup that serves like a meal!
It is very hard to find a soup that can actually fill my husband and I up! We finally found one! This soup is great! especially when you put a piece of toast with cheese under it! Super yummy!
a very delicious product! campbell's never seems to let me down.
My husband is a bigger guy and has an even bigger appetite, He loves these as they fill him right up and all he needs is a spoon with the easy to open pull tab on top. Heck, he doesn't even heat them up :)
C'est tres bon comme repas rapide. Cest tres pratique aussi pour les enfants
I love Campbells Chunky soups but this flavour is not a favorite. The spicy sauce seemed A bit intense meant to overpower the meat Taste. Other canned pastas are better.
I really enjoy this soup, makes a great quick lunch and I love the spices
A hearty soup, very filling. Our family is not a fan of the seasonings.
Quite tasty, great noodles and chunky bits. Very filling, just a bit too salty for me.
Good for a quick meal. However, I prefer other flavours of Chunky Soup.
Out of the new chunky soups this is the only one the entire family enjoys.
We found this to have uneven seasoning from one can to the next. One was overly spicy the next was land, other then that the family enjoyed it.
Was making this for my son & couldn't resist a try because it smelled so good while warming....& I discovered it's really tasty!
My boyfriend just loves this soup! So full of flavor and filling.
My hubby loves this soup! It very filling making it suitable for a quick lunch or dinner. To bad its a bit pricey but I watch for it on sale & then stock up!!

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