4.3 5 0 80 80 Creamy tomato soup. No artificial colours or flavours.
Campbell's Creamy Tomato Soup
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Pour les recettes !
Pour les recettes c'est très bien , par contre seul en crème c'est bien, mais mieux pour les recettes ! Très pratique j'en ai toujours sous la main pour plusieurs de mes recettes.
Rich and flavourful
This soup is very creamy and flavourful. The price is affordable and can be easily found in supermarkets. My kid love having this with homemade cheese quesadilla.
Pretty tasty for a canned soup. I found this to have good creamy flavour.
J'aime cette soupe tomate car elle n'est aucunement acide. Meilleur soupe en conserve à mon avis.
I like this soup just a little to sweet for me so i put a little hot sauce in it to make it more delicious.
I really like that I don't have to have milk on hand to have soup. This is so convenient to prepare for my elderly father. This soup is quick and tasty.
LOVE tomato soup...especially cream of..! Can't beat it with fresh crusty bread to dip!!
I love this soup it's so creamy and thick. I love to dip my grill cheese into it. Such a nice tomato flavor.
This is the best tomato soup! Ready to eat, just heat it up. It's nice and thick, wonderful for dipping a grilled cheese sandwich! I don't buy the condensed tomato soup anymore, this is so much better.
I always have this soup whenever we cannot afford anything else and I'm never disappointed. It's very rich, creamy and very delicious. Tastes exactly like real tomatoes and I love the little tomato chunks in it!
Very rich, an improvement on the original tomato soup I remember but a little too sweet.
I love tomato soup but i found this soup too heavy and kinda sweet. This was not to my liking at all. I loved the jalapeño tomato soup, i think it was called tomato fiesta soup. i know they reduced the salt but i wish they would reduce the sugar as well.
Campbell's always made great soup and this one is again must enjoy. Really creamy tasty rich tomato soup, simple but satisfy your crave anytime, especially during cold season. I make sure to stock up in my pantry, one of my family's favorite soup. Love it !!
I have always liked the regular tomato soup, but this is just as good in my opinion. My mom always added half milk and half water when she made tomato soup while we were growing up and this formulation takes me right back to that time.
produit facile et simple, toutefois je préfère fait mon mélange moi même à la maison et mieux doser le goût car j'ai trouvé ça fade un peu. Toutefois un bon dépanneur .

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