4.1 5 0 25 25 Warm & hearty lentils in a delicious tomato broth.
Campbell's Home Style Rustic Lentil
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I really enjoy this soup as a lunch or to warm up with a hot mug of it on a cool day. Very hearty and satisfying without feeling guilty
Great tasting soup. The flavour and texture was very pleasing to my taste buds. It is also a healthier soup and very filling. I continue to buy it.
Just like home-made, and anytime you add beans, legumes, any of that good stuff, your body will thank you! Really filling and satisfying. I'm stocking up for the cold weather, a real hit.
I absolutely love lentils so i was excited to try this soup. It was delicious, similar to what i make at home. Great for quick light lunch or dinner.
I was not really to fond on this product but the kids really liked it
Love this because its lentil soup ,good for vegetarian person and best of all gluten free.
A very good alternative to Pork and beans and better for you. The whole family loved it.
I tried this soup but I will personally not purchase it again. I found it very mushy and not very tasty.
Yes I've tasted Campbell's Home Style Rustic Lentil and enjoyed it. This brand may only capture a certain group of people that enjoy Lentil. This product is very filling, great for those days where you want to stay inside.
Nice pick for a quick meal. Almost as good as homemade
Hearty and full of flavor! Didn't leave me feeling stuffed like some lentil dishes, so it was good by itself at work for lunch. Didn't need to add any extra seasoning which I appreciate as well.
I love lentil and instead of making homemade it is faster and tastes just as good.
i love campbells soups my kids love it too, great for schools lunches
Unfortunately I can't say I liked the taste of this soup. I love lentils and tomato but it just didn't do it for me. I will continue buying and trying the other Campbell soups though since I generally love their convenience.
My first taste made me think it wasn't a flavor I would ever try again, but I decided wasting it wasn't an option, because it was pricier than other soups I use. After about the third bite, my taste buds began to appreciate the great flavors in the soup, and after I was finished, I decided I really enjoyed. Different than your usual salty tomatoey flavored soups, And very hearty & filling. Lentils give it an extra protein boost,and fibre too ,,lovely!

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