3.1 5 0 53 53 Spiced vegetable medley and orzo. Serves 4-6.
Campbell's Soup Kit
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Not a fan
I tried this flavor and another (tortilla soup), and frankly didn't enjoy it much. Admittedly I grew up on homemade soups and find canned or packaged soups lacking most of the time anyway, but I expected more from this brand. If I'm going to eat canned soup its going to be Campbell's condensed mushroom, tomato or vegetable. I was hoping this would be a staple in the cupboard too, but nope.
I love this soup kit because it's quick and east to make and the flavor is very nice. I can make this as a meal because it's such a hearty soup:)
We like the soup kits as we use this as a base for our home-style stews!
This was ok as a base, but I did add a bunch more stuff and more seasoning... If you are going to make soup just as easy to make from scratch ..
This was far too much work for a soup kit. There's so many extras you still have to buy that I'd rather go full homemade or just purchase the can. The finished product tasted bland.
Quick and tastes good so easy too put in a pot it's ready before you know it
LOVE this soup kit! I teach healthy cooking classes + recently used the Campbells soup kit. Easy to make + yummy flavors! I was very impressed as were my students!
Have tried the two vegetable based Campbell soup kits. They are both delicious and filling. Since I am allergic to poultry I cannot try the other ones but they also look delicous
The soup kit is easy to use and can be modified to personal tastes. It's a great way to make something quick and hearty.
very easy, I added to it more veggies and meat.. but excellent for quick homemade soup
I was a little disappointed in the flavor. But, after i added some of my own ingredients it was fabulous. A great soup starter in my household.
I wanted something in the cupboard that would be tasty and filling. I was very, very happy with the flavour and how simple it was. I now keep one on hand at all times.
I was scepitical about how good this would be. But, it was absolutely delicious and easy to make. I actually bought another flavor as well.
I tried this product...It was veryeasy to do and had a great flavor
I never try this product looks different I would like to try this product

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