3.6 5 0 160 160 Carefully selected ingredients such as rice, fish sauce powder and dehydrated bell peppers, onion, carrots, and shiitake mushrooms form the base of this Thai Chicken & Rice soup kit.
Campbell's® Soup Kit Thai Chicken and Rice
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First time user
Just recently tried for the first time!! Made a delicious stew for myself and my four sons who are normally picky eaters and they devoured the entire pot!! I thought I would have some left to freeze but nope ::( guess I will have to make a bigger batch next time we guy
The soup has yummy taste and has rice and chicken and mushrooms and bell peppers and really healthy
Not what I was expecting
I thought that this was more of an instant/just add water soup, but it's actually more of a 'starter' for soup which requires other ingredients. I found that for the amount of effort required, I prefer to make a soup from a more authentic recipe. These are okay if you don't have a good collection of spices, but I found it rather redundant and the flavour was just okay.
I loved this soup. It was so easy to make. It was so delicious and everyone loved it.
I have tried this soup only because I had a coupon...It was ok but I prefer to make my own soups as I usually make everything from scratch..
Friend gave me a pack to try and I add chicken to it and cook congee. tastes so good!
This soup is SO GOOD! it is easy to make and tastes delicious!
I bought this and tried it. It was ok but still like the restaurant one better. Could just be my cooking tho.
Tasted great, but too pricey for what you get. Will only buy it if it's on sale.
What an easy, quick, and tasty meal!!! Loved this soup!!
Sorry. Usually like Campbell’s soup but not this flavour. Love Thai food (lemon grass chicken and shrimp pad Thai) but I do not like this soup at all.
Tastes good. Requires some tweaking to get it perfect.
The soup was very easy to make. It tasted so fresh even though the vegetables were dried. I was so impressed as I had never eaten Thai Chicken and Rice Soup of any kind, and fell in love with the flavor. This will definitely be a soup I will serve more often.
Very tasty, quick and easy to prepare. Would like to see more vegetarian options for some members of my family.
My new go to soup kit, best flavour I have tasted in a kit for a very long time! A little pricy but worth the extra money.

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