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Campbell's Stock First™
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Too salty
Found the stock too salty for our tastes. Would like to see a sodium reduced product.
Great taste
Love the taste. Lots of flavour! Prefer buying the smaller amount.
Good alternative
I used it yesterday in a recipe where It was saying white wine or chicken broth....either I could have use a powder mix or a big broth container...but I only needed one cup...It was super tasty, its more concentrated than just regular broth, and the size of it is really useful for smaller recipe. I will for sure use it again!
I love this product for having a small amount of stock to boost the flavour of dishes I cook. Cooking for 2 mean having a lot of leftovers of staples so this is great. Fantastic flavour.
Prefer this stock to broth. Much more robust chicken flavor. Also is a perfect size for making a sauce instead of opening a full carton of broth and only using some of it.
I love this product. Both the Chicken and the Beef are delicious. Good in soups and stir-fries.
The Beef stock is absolutely fantastic. I like to use it as an Au Jus base for French Dip sandwiches. Delicious.
Great product, strong meat flavour. Awesome for braising meat. Don't use as much as you normally would. This is pretty strong.. It's full flavoured
I used this for cheddar broccoli soup and the flavor is a lot stronger than the other stocks I've used before. Makes the soup a lot more flavorful.
Use Campbell's Stock First in all my soups and cooking at home. Keeps in the refrigerator and adds great taste to anything i use it in. Rich taste and great foundation.
Extremement facile a utiliser. La portion est ideale. La saveur est vraiment bonne.
The flavors in these are great, and I love the smaller box, I always end up throwing out half of the larger size boxes.
i love the flavor of this stock..it tastes like homemade
Easy to use and has great flavor. Can be used in a variety of applications.
This is a delicious stock, both beef and chicken, I have used it many times, and the fact that it comes in the smaller box makes it perfect for smaller needs (I tend to waste part of the larger size of stocks because I don't use it up within the period of time advised)

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