3.5 5 0 44 44 A one-pill oral treatment for vaginal yeast infections.
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Would not recommend
I tried this product, it did not work for me however their other combo packs with the inserts and cream was successful.
I don't have time to mess around with a pill 5 days a week
Just to get rid of a Y/I... these are awesome, one pill and you are done!! The cream works amazing to get rid of the external discomfort!
Works like a charm and so much easier than ovules and the like. Worth the extra money to me. One pill, I'm done.
This works great and now you can get it with out going to the dr for a prescription is great.
I love that this is one dose and can be bought without a prescription, it`s always such a pain to have to go wait at the Dr office when you already know what you need. And it being oral is a great bonus.
an oral dose is so convenient and this works!unfortunately it is very expensive and if you keep your eyes open you can find generic brands for almost half the price that work just as well
Great product, works thoroughly and a brand I trust. Try it !
This is one of the best new products I have tried in the past couple years. So much easier and less messy then the internal version. You can take it during the day without having to worry about wearing a pad, and I find that it actually works better since there is no fussing with the `area` so much less irritation. I have taken this multiple times in the past few years and find within 2 hours I feel relief.
I like using the combo pack to really get a more thorough treatment.
Easy to use no mess can take it every were. I always have to take one after I use pennecillen.
i would like to try this product when needed the combie pack works great this one would be less uncomfor table to take as it's taken oraly
Have never had the need to try this stuff.
Not something I have needed but the reviews are very helpful, if I ever do. I think I would be fine with a pricey product that I knew worked rather than trying a bunch of other things that might not work, just to get it over with.
Love the reviews if this product is needed it will be one I buy!
This is really expensive, so I didn`t buy it

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