4.5 5 0 27 27 Fettuccine spinach pasta. Quick and easy to prepare.
Catelli Bistro Spinach
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Nice Change
I very much like these noodles. They're easy to prepare, and their taste is different, better than regular 'white' noodles. It's a nice change to have a spinach noodle option other than for lasagna. I hope Catelli comes out with more spinach noodle varieties.
Great size for a small dinner
I like the idea of spinach fettuccine, but honestly there really isn't any added flavor that's noticeable. I still buy this brand/flavor because I like the size of the box is used up in one go and I don't have to store an open box in the cupboard, and because it is priced just right.
I have tried this product , nice as a switch up, but not a every time product.
What a great way to hide vegetables from the kids! I thought there would be a stronger spinach taste but it is pretty mellow.
Trying to eat healthier, and Catelli is helping us do that. They taste delicious! I can't wait to try other flavours!
I enjoy catelli's bistro line of products and this pasta was delicious. It may not be for everyone but it is worth a try.
We had fun with the colour contrast and the pasta was good but I wouldn't spend extra money on it.
Tastes great! My only issue with it is that it's not organic.
I will start off with saying, this product is not for everyone. I'm one of those people. I'm sure though if you like pasta and spinach this will work for you, but for me the two just don't mix very well. Other than that it cooked just fine and served no other problems.
Was not sure if the colour would put my family off, but I was wrong, our dinner plates were colourful and very tasty, very good flavour
Good item, tastes nice. Cooks nicely, really didn't notice any difference in cook time compared to any other pasta. The green colour is fun, and adds a different look to what is on your plate, in my opinion no major flavour difference. Good product.
This is a really good product. It is really healthy and tasteful above all the kids love it.
This product is the best and so healthy. I love to make this with simple sauces.
This pasta is so delicious, way better than just the same old past! i've used it in lots of different ways and always a big hit with the family...
I have tried this product and have used it many times in the past . Great for many types of meals, imagination is all you need to make these great tasting noodles work for you !

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