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Catelli Smart® Pasta Bows
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Smart ;)
Catelli pasta always taste great!! It is never heavy or grainy at all. Our kids love the bow tie pasts! They are just so cute, adding a little fun to every plate.
Tried it. Loved it.
I bought cattelli smart pasta because they were marked down and I had coupons. .29 cents a box! I’m so glad I did, it was really good eating something high in fiber and low in fat, sodium, and cholesterol. I will buy again and won’t even mind paying full price.
Good pasta!
Product is good - don't notice a different in taste!
A great way to get picky eaters to get more fibre!
A certain picky eater at home doesn't like eating whole grains, so this product helped me sneak some more fibre into their diet! (And they were none the wiser!) Not only does this pasta have not fibre, it is also enriched with vitamins and nutrients so it is a really healthy pasta option.
These are supper delicious and the added fiver is amazing.
Smart a healthy
Great product! Healthy, tasty, and easy. Perfect for pasta salads. It is a stable for summer.
Cook to al dente - you'll think you're in Italy! Not just tasty but healthy too! And love the shape! Looks especially terrific in salads! The only brand I buy now!
I use this Catalli pasta to make pasta salad. I love it and it is so delicious.
the pasta is very good and healty and will be buying it again. the price was very cheap.
Tastes great and is a nutritious choice with the fibre content, also love that it comes in a box so it`s easy to store in the pantry without having to put it in a storage container
I thought it tasted very close to regular pasta. I liked it.
Catelli Smart dry pasta is the only brand we buy. I love knowing that even though it looks like regular pasta, my family is getting extra nutrients.
I found these too soggy. I didn`t overlook them, but I didn`t like the texture.
Catelli is the only pasta , beside fresh pasta that we use all we great taste
Personne n`a vu de différence... Même chose que les pâtes blanches, avec un petit plus!

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