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Centrum Cardio
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Haven`t tried this or know of anyone that has.
Vitamins are always an option to take. Centrum Cardio is a great vitamin mix and can offer you great health benefits. Vitamins are a personal choice and should be talked over with your Dr to make sure it won`t affect or interact with anything else you may be taking. Just do a little research, vitamins have improved my life tremendously.
i tried this product this is a great product for people to take and would recommend consumers to try
I`m going to pick some of these up for my husband. It sound like everything he needs. My challenge will be getting him to take them everyday.
Haven't use this product. Don't know if I will.
I haven't tried this product before I would like to try as it is probably good for your health I would like to write a review about it
haven`t tried these and I don`t think I will, I am bad with
I would love to try these, Im just so forgetful when it comes to taking pills :(
I love centrum products, but this one personally does not fit my needs. I will be sticking to "centrum forte" more iron and lutein.
Has to little of the supplements I need so can`t use.
This is nice multivitamin pill. But personally it`s better to eat healthy.
this product is awesome especially if you have high blood pressure.
Nice vitamins. But vitamins in pills are not necessary if you eat healthy.
Vitamins are always an option to take. I try and each my 5 to 6 vegetables and fruit each days.
I take multi vitamins, but I am hesitant to accept that this one has anything different that will actually benefit heart health.

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