4.8 5 0 52 52 Mixed berry multimineral supplement. Great taste and fun to taste.
Centrum Flavour Burst Kids
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I was happy to see these for kids. It's a great tradition to pass on.
My kids love this product. I have trouble getting them to take other products, because they taste like medicine, but with this product, they will ask to have it.
My daughter won't eat these. She is used to the gummie vitamins and didn't like the texture of these. Good brand though.
My hubby loves candy but doesn't really like taking vitamins cause of the size of the pills and taste of them in your mouth before you swallow them. We bought him these and he loves them.
Tastes great and makes vitamins easy to take for little ones. My only issue - they want to have more than just the recommended dosage :)
I bought these as something new for my girls and they loved them. I even tried 1 with them and they are yummy, great value too.
Kids love the fruity flavour n mums feel relieved,giving these supplements to their kids.
I actually bought these one day cause they were on sale. my boys absolutely loved these.
I bought these vitamins for my great granddaughter and she really likes them, she has one every morning.
I would love this for my grandson he is a very very picky eater...
with winter coming and colds and flu upon us sooner than later I would love to offer this product to my grand children to see it helps them this year thought the season of colds.
I would like to try these for my son. He doesn't like drinking milk so this would give him the vitamins he needs
I am in the process of find a good kids vitamen for my 4 year old. Ive heard centrum is fantastic. Would love to try this for my 4 year old.
We had other brand orange and lime flavor although it's good but it's very sour and ended up they don't really like taking it and leave it to me and my wife to finish it. Would love to sample this as an option and for the kids to try out.
I would like to try these for my son. He doesn't like drinking milk so this would give him the vitamins he needs

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