4.3 5 0 19 19 CeraVe® Bébé Wash & Shampoo is tear-free, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates and dyes – so nothing is left behind but soft, clean, healthy skin and hair.
CeraVe® Bébé Wash & Shampoo
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J'utilise pour ma 2ans et j'adore. Ne pique pas les yeux, est doux et sans parfum. Parfait pour les peaux sensibles.
Soft and gentle for baby.
Good product for kids. It's gentle on the eyes and leaves baby soft hair.
Baby wash
This is definitely not my favourite to use on my little ones. It dried my youngest child’s skin out so bad!! I had to use coconut oil for weeks after. I would not recommend this product.
Nice product for babies with dry skin
Liked this product. Skin feels soft after using it. It doesn't leave skin dry after bath. Just one thing that it doesn't make much lather. And not a big fan of it's smell.
This wash and shampoo is very best for kids it smells good and lasting it makes baby skins very smooth softh and moisturize for whole day very amazing
Seems so good for taking away the most unwanted things
Never have this for my son. I am using the moisturizing lotion myself and my son.
j aime bien la marque mais je n es jamais utiliser ce shampoo

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