4.4 5 0 14 14 Softens and protects for smooth, silky lips every day. Helps heal and prevent dry, chapped lips. The formula you know and love; paraben free.
ChapStick® Classics
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My favourite for over 20 years
I actually got excited when I saw this on here. I've used this since junior high. I love it. I love the smell it's my favourite. It leaves my lips feeling great soft and smooth. Definitely recommend!!
All time favourite
I LOVE this brand of chapstick! It's my go-to because of the size and how well it works on my lips. I have one in my purse, night stand, make-up bag and car! Would definitely recommend this one!
Must have
I never leave the house without it. I will always have this with me. Works good
Works well, but not my favourite
I find that while this product works well for hydrating my lips, it just isn't my favourite, the flavour is boring and not entirely pleasant, I prefer something with a more pleasant taste on my lips.
Use it all the time
We use this all the time! It keeps our lips hydrated! 4 stars
My go to lip balm
I have used chap stick for years. It’s my go to when I need it. It works.
Lo utilizo por que es rápido y eficaz para dejar tus labios suaves
Super Product
Only lip protection I use. If you use it it protects against chapped lips. If you have chapped lips it heals them quickly. Does not have a bad taste as some products have. A must for winter
Don’t Mess With A Classic!
I absolutely love this product. It has been a staple in my life since I was a child. It is soothing and instantly brings relief to winterized lips, as well as great protection in the sun!
This product is a temporary but not long term relief. I found the product waxy.
Husband's favourite
When I met my husband he always had a chapstick in his pocket and the same holds true today. It works wonderfully for him as the scent is not overwhelming and the coverage is enough to not have too much shine while being able to prevent chapped lips. His lips are nice and soft, so it's been working for him all these years!
recover lips
This product recover dry lips and keeps it soft. for years i use and i love it.
love this brand
I have been using Chap Stick since I was a kid. I love the different flavours that are available. While people that sell the competition may say that these are no good, that you have to apply too often during the day, etc. I do not find any of their complaints to be valid. I ALWAYS apply before bed. When I get up in the morning my lips are nice and soft. I will then apply after breakfast and if I think about it maybe in the afternoon as well. Two or three applications a day is all I need to have soft and healthy lips. Especially in the winter when the air is so dry and cold. One nice application is all I need to keep my lips healthy in the cold, winter air of Canada.
A great moisturizer
Over all this is a really great lip moisturizer. Fairly affordable! And it it works well! I don’t usually use it as my regular but I will use it if I see it at the store and I’m running low

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