4.2 5 0 225 225 With the irresistible taste of Chocolate & Peanut Butter and the wholesome goodness of Cheerios*, it’s a delicious treat for the whole family!
Cheerios™ Chocolate Peanut Butter Naturally Flavoured
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Unique but prefer the original
I like regular Cheerios but thought I'd give this flavoured one a try. It had a good mixture of chocolate and peanut butter flavoured Cheerios. It wasn't too sweet which is good, since I find that limited time flavoured cereals tend to be overly sweet. That said, I would still mix it with my regular Cheerios so that it wouldn't taste like I was eating a Reese for breakfast.
Go-to late night snack
A regular purchase for a relatively healthier sweet tooth craving! Good balance of chocolate to peanut butter flavours. Would be good option for baking treats, or making sweet snack mixes that call for Cheerios!
Dont bother
Love peanut butter but not this. Not a breakfast food I would be serving first thing in the morning to my kids. Price is not worth the amount you get in the box. I would buy that as a treat if it came in Family Size
My absolute favourite cereal
Best cheerio flavor ever! Probably best cereal. There is something about the peanut butter and chocolate with the texture of cheerios. The calories are not insane either. Great for night time snacking. Yum!
Good Snack
I have tried this and the taste is good for me and daughter, but my son not interested in the flavor where he loves other cheerios products. It tastes very well with milk and it would be one of my other favorite snacks.
penut butter cheerios
My family tried this product last week, and they finished the ceral within a week. My son is very picky eater and he said it tastes like Reece peices. also taste good when its a dry snack for on the go
good snack
Bought these are more of a snack, than a breakfast. Taste yummy, but a bit high in sugar for a breakfast cereal.
J'aime bien mais ce ne sont pas mes préférés, je les aimes mieux sans lait lol
Peanut butter lovers must try!
My favourite used to be honey cheerios but when I tried the peanut butter version it was a game changer. I sometimes look forward for breakfast time because of the cereal! And it is great with yoghurt at well!!
Mix it up!
We like to mix it up every once in a while, with our cereal game. I bought this with my son in mind, as he’s a big fan of Reese’s pieces, and he really enjoyed this! It’s a good combination of flavours and not too sweet or sugary! I think it’s a “Mom win”!
Great stuff
Love it . We all enjoy eating this. Also great for snacking
Flavour without the calories
I am a huge peanut butter lover and was very excited to try this product. It hits the mark of chocolate and peanut butter flavours without being too sweet. It is no more calories than multigrain cheerios that makes me feel good but eating it.
A Great Product!
I have bought a few boxes of chocolate peanut butter cereal, as my children eat it faster than I do. I surprisingly got a couple of bowls to myself. This cereal Isn't too sweet. We really enjoyed it.
Love these!
Wow, peanut butter and chocolate all in one! These Cheerios are so Delicious, you have to have more than one bowl!!
Not only is this cereal delicious for breakfast but also great for snack. I love the combination of peanut butter and chocolate. This product is delicious as is...I wouldn't change a thing.

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