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Cheerios Pumpkin Spice Cereal
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Pumpkin? What Pumpkin
I love every pumpkin flavoured, but I didn't love this cereal. The cereal itself was okay, but I wasn't getting much pumpkin flavour. It was disappointing and I ended up tossing the rest of the box.
pumpkin spice for life
I love the time of the season when pumpkin spice flavored everything is available and this product does not disappoint. It is just like regular Cheerios but PS - who doesn't want to start their day that way!!
I was given this as a birthday gift and it was seriously yummy! It really does have a pumpkin spice taste to it!
Great Things Pumpkin
I'm a pumpkin spice junkie. So when I saw these, into the cart they went. BUT .. they were not for breakfast eating! Oh no! I like to make marshmallow cereal treats using alternative cereals. These were soooo good as a marshmallow cereal treat! I think we (hubby and I) ate the whole pan in 3 days!
Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice
This caused quite the excitement during "pumpkin spice" season. This product was delicious, excellent amount of pumpkin spice flavouring. I'll definitely buy it again; however, it's only something I'd like in the Fall.
This cereal is delicious! I tried it and liked it so much that I bought a box for my sister. It’s a little sweet, and contains probably too much sugar to be considered a healthy option for breakfast, but it’s so good and only around for a limited time.
Good everyone once in awhile.
I enjoyed this cereal, but found it a little too sweet for me. It wasn't the first cereal I reached for in the am, but did eat it periodically.
Was good
Was good but preferred them when mixed with regular cheerios
I love me some pumpkin spice!....but these just aren't for me. They have the typical after taste of a regular Cheerio but paired with the pumpkin spice flavour it's not a flavour I'll be trying again. Sorry!
Not as expected
I bought these for my daughter who loves pumpkin spice everything and was sadly disappointed when she said they do not taste good at all.
tastes good
Great taste. Love it for breakfast or as a snack with almond milk.
The pumpkin taste is crazy in these, for me it didn't personally go with the cheerios texture.
More Pumpkin
This was a little bland, especially when you add milk. To munch on as a snack it tasted pumpkiny, but once the milk was added to the bowl the taste seemed to disappear.
I love Cheerios. They make a good breakfast. I look forward to buying these again.
I use this with my overnight oats. It is great and stays crunchy.

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