4.3 5 0 169 169 Celebrate Summer with unique maple leaf shapes! Cheetos® Leaves cheese flavoured snacks are a fun shape seasoned with delicious nacho cheese. Perfect to share at all your summer celebrations!
Cheetos® Leaves Nacho Cheese
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Perfect for Canada’s Day
These were the perfect snack to put on my table on Canada’s Day. The kids loved the shape and flavour.
Nice treat
Kids loved them. They have a bit of a spice to them as they are nacho cheese flavour.
Fun snack
These have a great texture and just the right amount of spice plus who can resist the fun shapes?
Cheeto Nacho Cheese Leaves
Expected the hard Cheeto crunch and didn’t get it. Still good flavour and well liked by the family. Not sure if I would buy again.
Light, Crunchy, Great Flavour
Grabbed these on Sale for Canada Day weekend camping. Kids and adults loved them. Nice crunch and light airy texture. Just the right amount of flavour and cheesiness :)
cheetos leaves
Got these for the Lake on Canada Day, family out 8 people, senses was they would not buy again. I love Cheetos but these were not the quality that I have bought.
Great product
Absolutely loved it. Great taste. Couldn’t wait to buy another! Loved the change to the leaves!
Nice leaf shape
Classic Cheetos in a maple leaf shape perfect for Canada day! Yummy and crunchy
Good To The Last Crunch!
I found them to be a nice change from a regular style cheesie. They had a nice crunch and weren't too cheesie. I liked that they had a form to them.
Canadian Fun!
Proudly Canadian eating nacho cheesy maple leaf shaped cheeses...great for my family! ♡ them!
Cheetos Leaves
I was a little disappointed because I was expecting a more pronounced nacho flavour. However, one of my guests absolutely loves these.
These are delicious so light great cheesy flavor for a cheese lovers ver
Oh Canada
I love buying Canadian products. So when I saw maple leaf Cheetos I had to try them. They were pretty good! The taste and texture is exactly like the regular type, but with a truly Canadian flare!! Love it!!
Pleasantly surprised
I tried these because my friend recommended them. I didn't realize there weren't like regular cheesies. I like the nacho flavouring. I hope they become permanent with a different shape
I don't know how but when I opened the bag all of the sudden I was wrapped in a Canadian flag Cape with "Oh Canada" playing in the back ground! It's the same great taste as the original cheetos puffs, but more patriotic, if you will... I don't know how I ever felt Canadian before trying these. Good job, eh!

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