4.3 5 0 163 163 Celebrate Summer with unique maple leaf shapes! Cheetos® Leaves cheese flavoured snacks are a fun shape seasoned with delicious nacho cheese. Perfect to share at all your summer celebrations!
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Cheetos fan!
I love Cheeto’s brand! One of my favourite go to chips that I buy! And I love when they come out with new shapes or flavours to try! These ones are very Canadian eh?
These are great tasty, and great when you want a little snack.
My boyfriend love this so. He will more and more. I hope to try them too
Bring back the cheetos paws!!
These were so good!! Reminded me a lot of the cheetos paws they used to have way back when. I prefer these over any other Cheeto cheezie..... but They should bring back the paws!!
Cheesy leaves
We loved celebrating Canada Day with the leaf shapes. I couldn’t stop munching on them but my 5 year old wished they were the regular cheese flavour. I
Cheetos Leaves Review
These new cheetos taste like the regular cheetos flavour. The difference is the design of each chip. The leaves are a great way for children to love what they are eating. Overall, the flavour is great! Being a cheetos lover, I give this a 10/10!
Want spice one
Amazing but would love to see a spicy version, it is a wicked concept and love that they melt in your mouth everyone should try these bad boys out
Just ok for me.
I was so excited to see a new cheetos product, as I always am! I love nacho cheese and I love Cheeto’s. These felt like they had a lot of seasoning powder which was great but the flavour was kind of a miss for me. It was like a sweet cheese. It was missing that tango taco flavour I craved. The crunchy leaf shape was nice but the sea ons fell short for me, it’s a pass. I’ll stick to the regular cheetos, and the white cheddar bones at Halloween ! Yummy
They’re good
They taste good but, there’s not a lot in the bag.. despite the great taste, they never put enough chips in the bag.. they should put more in every chip bag. Children most likely love the chips.
It was delicious but the shape was not reminding me of a leaf
Best Cheeto to date
Absolutely love the Nacho flavour! It so nice to have the consistency of a cheesy and get a zesty flavour.
Nacho Cheetos
Fun shape, great cheesy nacho taste. Great for an anytime snack.
So good I wasn’t sure when I first saw them.But once you start you can’t stop love ❤️
Very cheesy and crunchy, will definitely buy. The kids likes the shape of it.
Loved them.
These are perfect with onion dip or for making your own party mix.

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