4.3 5 0 163 163 Celebrate Summer with unique maple leaf shapes! Cheetos® Leaves cheese flavoured snacks are a fun shape seasoned with delicious nacho cheese. Perfect to share at all your summer celebrations!
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Yummy and cute
My son loves these. They are so cute and tasty. Hard to stop from eating the whole bag
Cheetos Leaves Nacho Cheese
The nacho flavour on these are a bit overwhelming compared to the regular puffs. The shapes are a cute touch, but don't quite come out of the bag looking like leaves.
We liked the canada flag shapes and they are yummy because I got to eat them with my granddaughter. Fun to eat.
Cool shape
Let’s be serious, these are fun for both kids and the rest of us! The taste is a bit milder than normal cheetos but these are a cute snack.
Fun shape?
These are a fun shape.... well are supposed to be! But many were broken apart in our bag! So although I can appreciate their fun intent it wasn’t to the full effect with our delivered bag this time. Oh well. The flavour was you can always expect with traditional cheetos! So at least there was that! So we didn’t lose there! Just some slight disappointment on the broken maple leaves.
they were great, the shape was interesting and fun to eat. Eat the whole bag in one shot.
Not satisfying
Thought they would be more flavorful.Not a satisfying snack. Would not recommend.
Not so great
My kids tried these thinking they'd love them as they are nacho cheese. They thought they were lacking something in the way of flavor. I don't think I'd recommend them to anyone.
Cheetos Leaves Nacho Cheese
My son went out and bought a bag for his dad to try out. Let's put it this way. Buy the time his dad got finished watching his shows on TV they were all gone. He doesn't eat much snacks at night. No one else got any either.
Great taste. My kids loved them. Very Canadian for sure!
these are awesome
they taste very good I always love Cheetos they never change it taste so good
Still dangerously cheesy!
These are awesome. What a fun shape to celebrate Canada day. Same great taste!
New Flavour
I love the new shapes. It did catch the eye of my children quickly. I also enjoyed the new flavour. I would love to see these come out in the original flavour as well. My family fought over the bag, they were so good!! It's our new go-to snack!
The best cheater has made!
Incredible!!! My whole family loves these and are hoping the limited time stays longer!! Plus the Canadian flag is an amazing bonus eh!!!
Fun Shapes
My family enjoyed these fun new shapes to a favourite snack food! The taste was the same as a standard Cheeto but the leaf shape made it a hit for a recent bbq especially for our younger guests.

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