4.3 5 0 163 163 Celebrate Summer with unique maple leaf shapes! Cheetos® Leaves cheese flavoured snacks are a fun shape seasoned with delicious nacho cheese. Perfect to share at all your summer celebrations!
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My kids loved them
They are just like the normal Cheetos but have the fun shape. They where a huge hit on Canada day all the kids loved them big and small. They reminded me of the Cheetos Paws from when we where kids.
We loved these they are just like the regular but with awesome Canada flags. The kids thought they were very cool.
Decent, cute for Canada Day
These were pretty good, no complaints! Far as Cheetos go, found they went stale quicker than the other Cheetos we had out at the same time.
Fun in shape, but the flavour was neither cheesy nor salsa. And some chips had more of the weird spice than others. Should have just been the original cheese flavour
Fun shaped
Flavour size found them bland.. prefer the regular cheetos and puffs..
Cheesy goodness
They were very good. My grandkids loved them. I found them very fresh and crunchy with just the right amount of cheese
New cheesies
Liked the flavour and grandkids loved the shape and flavour of them
Cheetos leaves
They were alright. I think they would be much better had they just used their same cheese flavor as on regular cheeto puffs.
Pretty good and cheezy
Good to taste and a little bit piquante and fun shape.
They were very crunchy and tasty. Kids loved the fun shape.
Crunchy goodness!
The kids had fun the unique shape but absolutely loved the taste!
Cheetos® Leaves Nacho Cheese
If you like nacho cheese flavor, you will love these. I prefer the white cheddar that was only here for a limited time.
Très bon
Ma famille adore les Cheetos ils goûte tellement bon La saveur est unique
Kids love them
My kids love these. The shape is fun and a neat novelty treat. It’s the same light and crispy snack you would expect. I am not a fan of the flavour (personal preference but would definitely buy them again for kids!
Yummy crunch
Great snack with a patriotic flare . They have a nacho cheese flavour very cheesy and crunchy. Recommend them to everyone to try them .

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