4.3 5 0 216 216 Cinnamon crispy oven-toasted rice squares. Gluten free made.
Chex Cinnamon Gluten Free Cereal
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This cereal is delicious! The perfect amount of sweet and cinnamon. The only complaint I have is theres not enough in the box. I find I can get about 4 bowls total per box. That may also because I eat so much because it's so good!
I loved this cereal. I'm really glad that someone finally came out with an affordable gluten free cereal. It was extremely hard to find reasonably priced GF cereals at the supermarket. This cinnamon flavour was excellent for Christmas baking.
I loved this cereal ! Yes, it's good in milk, but even better as a snack ! Hungry ? Try a handful of Cinnamon Check instead of chips !
Very tasty, great cinnamon taste, so tasty you can eat straight from the box yum yum
Love cinnamon chex!! I like that not every cereal piece has cinnamon flavour! it makes you appreciate the cinnamon that much more. Good mix. I would buy again and again
Delicious cereal. My wife has Celiac Disease and so many of the cereals she buys are bland and grainy. This is the one cereal we need for the whole house to be happy.
Grear product and not as expensive as other gluten free cereals. Great for celiacs like myself
I love this cereal, I love the taste and the crunchiness
I tried these a month ago because I received a coupon for them. I was surprised how light and tasty they were - I never really tried Chex before. I will certainly be a repeat customer !
This is a nice mix up from chex. Great flavour and the kids love it! I crush it and add it to my homemade granola bars.
Great tasting and great in nuts and bolts! The cinnamon is not overpowering...you just know it is there. Nice!
This is a fabulous product. The taste is great. Everyone in the family loves it. Kids can be hard to please. They love it with or without milk and any time of the day.
I really enjoyed the cinnamon flavour. I eat it plain as a snack instead of chips or cookies!! Really like the gluten free aspect too.
One of my favoured flavours is cinnamon so this was a nice treat to find on the shelf. Chex with a nice twist.
Great taste. You can have them dry as a great snack.

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