4.3 5 0 327 327 Cinnamon crispy oven-toasted rice squares. Gluten free made.
Chex Cinnamon Gluten Free Cereal
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Gluten, egg, dairy, soy and nut free! And it even tastes great.
I have loved Chex Cereal since it was introduced. Finally we have the Cinnamon one in our stores. It tastes very good and is good with milk or in a container as a snack.
It was very tasty. I always enjoy Chex cereals, and this made a refreshing change.
Chex cereals have been a great cereal even before gluten free was printed on the packaging. This flavour is delicious and for me, makes a fantastic snack food. I like the idea of a snack that is fortified, so tasty, and healthy for me as well.
Its a product that has a very good taste and good for the whole family!!!
this is a very tasty cereal. it reminds me of a much healthier version of cinnamon toast crunch. i love to add blueberries or strawberries to make it taste fresher. i would recommend this cereal
I love this cereal, so many gluten free products are bland and heavy but this cereal is great tasting and a nice light breakfast.
It's wonderful to find a gluten free cereal that I enjoy! Wonderful taste and good for you too!
a tastey product. no need for added sugar. milk brings out the cinnamon and adds flavour for each bite.
I really enjoyed those cereals! They have a great cinnamon taste, not too powerful! But they don't fill you up at all.
I try to avoid too much gluten in my diet, so the Chex cinnamon GF cereal was a natural choice to try - it is so tasty! The perfect amount of cinnamon and sweetness!
I love this cereal!! The flavor is great without being overpowering!!!
It's nice to have another cereal option. This isn't an overly-sweet cereal that has a great taste!
Love the flavor, my kids really enjoyed this cereal
I liked chex before but I love the cinnamon flavor even better. will buy again

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