4.7 5 0 72 72 A sweet dusting of real cinnamon and sugar flavors hug each gluten free crunchy.
Chex Cinnamon Gluten Free Cereal
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Super bonne
Un belle équilibre cannelle/sucre, les enfants en raffole. Bon comme collation ou pour déjeuner. Le prix est bon aussi. Comme améliorations, avoir des bonne en format familliale serait intéressant.
I am an avid consumer and lover of Chex Cereals!! Being gluten free is a difficult challenge in and of itself, but finding quality food products that don't make me feel worse and have safe nutritional value, that also tastes good..has been a struggle for sure!! Chex cinnamon is one of those products I rely on in our cupboard ♡
not too sweet
I recently bought these to have something different for breakfast. We were pleasantly surprised that they were not overly sweet. They also have quite a few recipes (sometimes on the box) online to use these as a crust for cheesecake or brownies. Yummy!! Yummy
Nieces love them
My nieces recently became gluten free and they love this cereal to help start there day.
Favourite cereal!
This is my favourite cereal! It has the perfect amount of cinnamon and sugar and is so yummy. I’ll even it eat for dinner sometimes! Perfect for adults, teenagers and kids! Everyone in the family will like it!
Cinnamon Explosion
What's more to love? This cereal eats light enough for a bowl, is sweet enough for a snack, and the best part? I made marshmallow cereal treats with it using maple marshmallows! Amazing combination ... maple and cinnamon!
Good cereal to buy for a gluten free diet. My son likes it and I end up buying quite a bit of it. As others have mentioned, they should make it in a larger family size box.
Gluten free
My daughter recently became gluten free and she loves this cereal. Even if you aren't gluten free this still is great tasting. Only thing I would recommend is to make family sized boxes.
These Chex rock! They are just scrumptious, and they remind me of those sweet cinnamon mini-donuts that you can buy at a fair or carnival. The cereal is actually good for you, though! I am so thankful for this flavour! I'm allergic to honey and that's the only flavour that my regular supermarket had for the longest time.
Chex cereal, generally, is just ok in my books. I tried the cinnamon, as I love cinnamon flavoured products, but this just did not do it for me. I eat a lot of my cereal as a snack, without milk, and this was ok, just not what I was expecting.
Not too sweet but I don't think I would want this flavor every day.
Yummy and Affordable
It's been awhile since I have had some really great tasting gluten free cereal. Bonus is that it is pretty affordable. Plus, my whole family likes it! I really wish it came in a larger family size. Other than that- no complaints. I have eaten the entire bag in one sitting lol.
Love it
The best gf replacement for cinnamon toast crunch! I don’t even think I could go back!
Great diet food!! This is actually on the list of one of the foods that you can eat as much as you want to eat without gaining any weight! Minus the milk ofcourse. Plus it taste great! Along with apples and hard boild eggs with rye bread, you have a great diet. I just lost 20lbs last month.
Great snack or breakfast
I love Chex cereal as it is a tasty and nutritious option for those of us that need to eat gluten free. Although I try not to eat a lot of sugar, this flavour is one of my favourites for a treat.

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