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Chex™ Gluten Free Chocolate Cereal
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Love the product
I love the chocolate flavor of it and the chex is like addictive and yummy
I really like this flavour of Chex. I find that I can’t stop eating it! It is my second favourite over the cinnamon Chex. This cereal is not too sweet and of course goes great with milk!
Delicious Gluten free cereal
I am so excited that gluten free Chex is available in Canada. It is the best flavour and it is cost efficient. It also doesn't contain peanuts. I love the chocolate flavour and you can eat with milk or as a snack.
Chex Chocolate
I love the chocolate flavour in this cereal. It's really nice for a change. And I really like it because it is gluten free.
My daughter loves this cereal has a great taste and it’s an excellent snack.
Great taste
We love the chocolate flavor and so do my children!
I eat a lot of my cereals as a snack, dry, out of the bowl. I found this product not that great whether with milk or not. The chocolate Chex could be better and more "chocolatey". The plain Chex are also just ok, nothing special.
I love eating this as a snack
I get the Chocolate Chex off of Amazon because the price is better. I eat it (without milk) as a snack when I am craving something sweet. I put it in a small bowl and snack on it like it's popcorn or chips. Satisfying snack when I want something sweet. My kids love it as cereal with milk.
I find it a bit too sweet for breakfast but it will still do for once in a while.
Gluten free options
It gives you the chocolate taste you crave and the gluten free options you might need.
They taste great. Just the right amount of chocolate my flavour.
Kids approved
We tried this cereal not because it was gluten free but because of the chocolate. We are fine with gluten but not corn. It was well liked by everyone.
Love it
Great in milk, great dry, great in recipes! Love having more than just one plain gluten free Chex!
Crunchy Goodness
This cereal was a nice surprise. It not something I normally buy but it looked good and I wanted to try it. I would describe it as crunchy goodness. It was crisp and yummy and my kids also love eating this as part of their breakfast. I will be buying this for many more times to come. I'm glad I took the chance to try something new.Thanks!
Chocolatey crunch!
I bought this to use for baking at Christmas and it was delicious intreats or on its own. Crunchy, sweet and chocolatey. Yum!

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