CHIPS AHOY! Original Chocolate Chip Cookies 1 Resealable Pack (258g)

4.7 5 0 205 205 Canada’s #1 Chocolate Chip Cookie Brand - CHIPS AHOY! Original Chocolate Chip Cookies are the CHIPS AHOY! cookies you know and love. They’re crammed with real chocolate chips, making for a sweet, crowd-pleasing treat. So Crunchy, So Delicious.
CHIPS AHOY! Original Chocolate Chip Cookies 1 Resealable Pack (258g)


Does not go stale
The seal is great and keeps the cookies fresh. So delicious!
My favourite
My all time favourite cookie is the good ol chocolate chip cookie. You can never go wrong buying them
Thumbs up
I love these cookies taste great I have been eating these cookies since I was a little kid now my own kids eat these cookies and love them
Chips ahoy chocolate chip cookies
These! Oh my gosh yum, These are the best cookies my all time favorite..dunked in milk or just out of the box.
Great idea the reusable package. Keeps the cookies fresh. Just love all the chips in these cookies. They are great dunking cookies with my tea
Most loved cookie
I grew up with Chips Ahoy. My parents always bring us this cookie. I love the perfect blend of sweetness of the cookie. Chips ahoy became my reference of what is a good chocolate chip cookie. Until now I am 39, I still love this cookie. Part of my grocery bags as always.
Love them
Cookies are delicious, a great snack to have. And, truly love and appreciate the package as it’s easy to resell and allows the cookies to stay fresh for longer.
Nos biscuits préférés
Ces biscuits sont un classique à la maison. Ils sont juste assez sucrés sans que ce soit trop et ils accompagnent le lait à merveille.
Chips ahoy
Chips ahoy are delicious the best way to eat this product is to stack them in a cup and pour milk right over top of them and eat it like cereal. The resealable package makes it easy to put back in the cupboard instead of eating every single one of them like I would normally do
Always great tasting
Resealable bags is a perfect idea to keep cookies tasting fresh. And so easy for the kids to close back. And no broken cookie jars anymore.yehey.
Chocolate chips!
They have great taste and are filling. Good amount of chocolate chips in each cookie which is one of my favorite parts about them. Only thing I wish they were a little more moist. But over all I would recommend
Who doesnt love chocolate chip cookies!? If you're going to be trying a new one,I would recommend these ones. They're not too sweet at all,just right. Only thing wrong with them? The last one lol!
Chips ahoy are one of my all time favorites thanks so much for the family pack we love these snacks
Chips Ahoy cookies
Another great product that we always have in our house . Love the flavour , I even use them in different desert recipes
Great cookies
Love the reusable packaging easy to close kids love the cookies and great with Milk too

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