4.1 5 0 88 88 Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros are crunchy, golden mini churros dusted with real cinnamon. It is the Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavour you know and love, in an easy snackable form!
Cinnamon Toast Crunch™ Churros
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Love it
We love it for breakfast specially we are Cinnamon lovers ! But it's too sweet for us.
tastes really good. I think I liked it better with out milk.
Tastes like churros
really good, crunchy and cinnamonny!! Tastes like the mini donuts at the fair
Too sweet
Too sweet for my morning starts although I was excited to try them!
Kids loved it
Absolute hit with the kids. They absolutely love it. It’s tastes really good without being overly sweet A must try if you haven't.
I absolutely love this.. but not as a morning cereal more of late night much snack. The flavor is amazing
They didn't really taste like churros but they did taste like bigger versions of the little squares and where still really good.
Original is best
So good, but a little over sweet for breakfast. Nice as a special breakfast treat. But I think we’ll stick to the original
Very tasty
I love cereal and always buy the square ones and his one caught my eye one day tried it at home and omg couldn’t stop eating them they were so delicious I recommend this product even for a snack
Super bon
Toute la famille les adorent , le format est pratique, parfait pourblebpetit déjeuner, pouvoir rassasiant important. Bon goût .
Love it
Not big on cereal, but for some reason I’m obsessed with this one
Great Snack
We like this right out of the box! It was great to snack on we enjoyed it without milk. We liked it with milk also
Great Healthy Snack
The taste is awesome and I prefer to consume with milk and a few times just like that. It's going well with breakfast and this would be one among my favourite breakfast. It's not much sugar too.
My family goes through a box of these pretty quick! No one eats it with milk, but straight out of the box. So delicious and crispy
Love love love
I LOVED this cereal saddly I only bought one box to try and havnt been able to find it again

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