4.2 5 0 221 221 Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros are crunchy, golden mini churros dusted with real cinnamon. It is the Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavour you know and love, in an easy snackable form!
Cinnamon Toast Crunch™ Churros
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Great taste
Great taste, but unfortunately nothing new to them except for the shape.
I'm a cereal lover, this was a nice treat. Pretty much anything that your toddler would want in a breakfast cereal is what I'm looking for. Nailed it!
Delicious but very sweet!!
My hubs and I really love this product but just a little at a time since it's very sweet!
Was definitely good. My son said it tasted the same just different shape lol
It’s good, but...
My kids like this cereal because it does taste somewhat like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I tried it myself and it was okay (I like more cinnamon), but I found that it gets soggy pretty fast. Eat it quick!
Very good
Very good, and full of cinnamon. A little crunchy but when you add it with milk it softens a bit.
Lurched this product for the kids. So yummy. I even had to be a kid and join in. Fun morning food.
Good flavour and texture and like the way it slightly soaks up the milk. Crunchy throughout the whole bowl. Maybe a lil less sugar would be alright whilst still keeping great flavour
Great to snack on. Good with or without milk. Family favourite
Crounchy churro
I found this product crossing the border! Long time ago, later here in my city! And we were so excited with my daughter! We like it very much! Is lots of crunch on the bite if you add a bit of milk, but could be soft depending how much milk you add it! Have lots of cinnamon for sure! My taste ask for more sugar , but ey!! It’s just me!
Snacking cereal
I brought this home and it was gone in one day! My kids just loved to snack on it, while I loved the cinnamon flavour. It was great with milk too.
Good tastes
The kids love it they eat dry as snack or with milk . Sometimes they add fresh apples we would recommend to friend we or berry happy with the product
Delicious 😋
I was out shopping and I saw it on the shelf thought I would buy it to see if the kids would like it. From the time I got home not even one hour later the box was done my kids love it now everytime I go shopping I make sure I buy a box
This churros cereal 🥣 is ok. I prefer it as a snack, rather than at breakfast in milk. The milk makes the cereal taste weird.
Not a fan
I much prefer the original cinnamon toast crunch much better. The churros are too thick and the taste just isn't that great. I think they should stick to the original and maybe add something new to it if they want to sell a new product. This was a miss for me.

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