Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Shampoo

3.4 5 0 74 74 This award-winning, protein-enriched color-enhancing shampoo tones down brassiness on blonde or gray hair.
Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Shampoo


I have used this product when I was dying my hair and had blonde through-out. I loved that it tamed the orange or brassy colors. It's as though it gives your hair so much life and dimension. I haven't dyed my hair in two years but I have a lot of grey, this was a nice reminder! I might just go out and buy some to make the grey's pop!
Silver streaks
Love this products mybland blond had silver streaks and shimmered in sunlight I recommend to all blonds
It’s alright
It was alright. I guess had I left it in my hair longer then I did probably would have worked better. But I was to impatient gonna try again soon
Love this shampoo!!!
I have colored blonde oily hair and this shampoo is the best! It doesn’t make my hair greasy and gives just the right amount of pigment , I’ve been using this for about 15 years now and tried other more expensive brands but have never been as happy .
One of the better purple shampoos
I actually love this purple shampoo. I have had blonde hair for years and its one of the few purple shampoos that I see results after the first wash. Highly recommend
Good, but not great
I have tested out many purple shampoos to keep my blonde from going brassy. This one is just okay, I don’t find it comparable to salon shampoos obviously, but I feel like there are other drugstore brands that are way better. I didn’t notice that much of a different keeping non brassy.
Blondes must have
Removes brassy from your blonde I pair it with the conditioner if you use to often it will leave purple hue in your lighter blonde hair. Purple does wash out, even though it works wonders on blonde hair it’s a bit drying.
My #1 Purple Shampoo For 20+ Years
I've been using this shampoo for as long as I can remember, well over twenty plus years. It is my favourite for keeping the brassiness at bay on a weekly basis or as a treatment to help tone the brassiness caused by mhy well water.
Love this product
I have tried other brands and never helped with my hair but when I heard about this one I decided to try it out and it's amazing helps maintain my blonde and refreshes my colour I recommend it
Harsh on hair
It’s great for blonde hair but it’s also one of the harshest purple shampoos you can buy. Be careful, a friend of mine left it on for longer then the recommended time and it left purple splotches throughout her hair lol
Good for blonde except it's drying
Good for up keep maintenance inbetween salon visits. However, use sparingly. Once to twice a week and that's it otherwise your hair will feed crunchy. Nobody wants crunchy hair.
Definitely takes the brassyness out
I would sometimes put it on dry hair and cover with a bag and leave up to 45 min to one hour. I liked the super blonde look for a while. It would sometimes pick up on a tinge of purple/blue, but I kinda liked it!
does not work that great
I like the smell but i don't like the product bc it does not work well on my hair it didn't do what it says for the brass hair
Not a bad purchase
I’ve been getting my hair coloured for years, I recently got Ice blonde highlights; I tried the Silver Lights purple shampoo to combat brassiness, the product works but isn’t pigmented enough, I switched to Joico brand and my blonde is amazing.. if they would touch up the formula a bit it would be great..

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