3.2 5 0 51 51 This award-winning, protein-enriched color-enhancing shampoo tones down brassiness on blonde or gray hair.
Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Shampoo
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This tones very well
This product seems to have a lot of negative reviews, but it does what it is meant to and very well. I used to have white blonde hair and I would use this religiously, it kept my hair very white. It does smell very perfume like and not in a good way, and does dry your hair out.
Too purple
I have bleach blonde hair, purple shampoo is vital to maintain it. I’ve tried many and they are usually not strong enough however this one turns my hair purple because of how strong it is. That being said it does get rid of brassiness.
Decent purple shampoo
My hair is currently bleached and has a brassy tone to it, I picked up some of this from lots of reccomendations and I'm kind of disappointed. It really dried out my hair, and didn't make a difference to my hair even when I left it on a long time. I hope its just my hair and it works well for others though! I have very fine, dry hair.
Not the best for my hair.
I tried this and it was okay. I didn't love the smell of the product and I felt like it left my hair dry and rough. I did feel like it did help with making my hair less brassy which was a plus
Blondes have so much fun!
Used to use this product when i went with blonde and it was super good!! I wasn't blonde for very long but i remember it being a lovely shampoo, and it lathered really well!!! Always so satisfying the purple shampoos
I would use this shampoo regularly. However I never realized how drying and damaging this shampoo really is until I stopped. Since I bleach my hair I am very concerned about hydration, and I was very disappointed this this was the cause of extended dehydration to my hairs the lather and purple toning of the product was fine. However, I had switched to a purple shampoo that had a better PH balance so it wasn’t as damaging, and a deeper colour deposit so that I didn’t have to use a purple shampoo each time I washed my hair.
Back when I had blonde hair I would use this shampoo to tone down any brassy/yellow tones. It worked well. Make sure not to keep it on too long or you might be left with purplish tones. This can be purchased at many stores for an affordable price.
Its ok
It did the job i felt i had to use more. Wasnt as strong as i had hoped it would be
This is good
Its a good cheap product you can find it many places and it smells of lavender.
Great for bleached hair
I’ve been using this for a long time I bleach my hair and it helps wash out the brassiness it also highlights the purple that I have in my hair it seems to refresh that colour for me
A good purple shampoo
I used this purple shampoo to get rid of unwanted brass and yellow in my hair after dying it. It helped and I have less yellow and more of an ash blonde in my hair now. Worked well
I have decided to let my natural grey come out and the hues of color this shampoo gives off is amazing
Not as good as expected
I got this shampoo with the matching conditioner when I bleached my hair to keep the brassiness down. I didn't see a huge difference, and as shampoo and conditioner it wasn't amazing either.
Works to rid yellow
This product works to reduce yellow or gold from my hair and keeps it ash blonde. It was recommended by my hairdresser. I use it only once a week because it is quite drying to my hair, and also ensure to use a good conditioner.
Blonde shampoo
If you have blonde hair and want to get rid of the yellow brassy tones then I recommend trying this. When I had blonde hair this really helped keep it a nice blonde. You can find it at Sally's and most drugstores.

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