3 5 0 22 22 This award-winning, protein-enriched color-enhancing shampoo tones down brassiness on blonde or gray hair.
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Just fair
For the price of this, you’d think it would do wonders for brassy hair. The scent is too old lady smelling , and the purple doesn’t actually neitralize grassiness. Spend the extra couple bucks and get the John Freida or the provoke purple shampoo. This one is not good
Does the job but at the expense of drying out your hair
I have blonde balayage on brown hair so I used this to tone my blonde (not for gray hair). It definitely toned it and took out the brass however it left my hair VERY dry even after conditioning. Be sure not to leave it in too long or it can turn your hair a but lavender.
shimmer lights
did not like it didn't do anything for my hair but make it grassy
worked ok for toning my highlights, theres better out there though
Really good shampoo
I really like this it is a deep purple and does tone hard to some effect . I would buy this again. I use this from time to time but with a nice conditioner.
Didn't work for me
I have platinum blonde hair so naturally these kinds of shampoos and conditioners are almost always in my rotation. After a couple tries with this shampoo, altering the time left in my hair each time, I found it didn't do as I had hoped... Still had brassiness left in my hair, although it did clean my hair at least, so there's that.. So in conclusion, it didn't do as I'd hoped as in terms of a purple shampoo, but it did still leave my hair feeling clean.
did the job
The product did correct the yellowness in my hair and didn't leave any purple residue, which is really good. Although, I felt like it didn't do anything else to my hair like add volume, hydration etc...
Keeping my blonde, blonde
I have been using this product for years and love it. It smells great, keeps the brassy tones down in my blonde hair. I would definatly recommend this product. It is very affordable compared to some of the higher end purple shampoos. Great for every budget.
Amazing product!
This product is amazing! This product leaves blonde hair looking amazing. It gets rid of Brassy and yellow blonde. Leaving it more of a white blonde
Decent drug store blue shampoo
After going blonde someone recommended this shampoo to me for the price. It does what it’s suppose to do, I am not a huge fan of the smell but it’s great for the price!
Average result
I have a light beige highlight that must be toned regularily. This stuff is average, the price is ok, I did find that it was a bit thick to spread, so I added my own conditioner. There are better ones out there
Very drying and strong scent
This product was an ok purple shampoo, it was on the cheaper end of most purple shampoo I have tried. Worked good to keep the brassy/yellow tones away but was extremely drying on my hair. My hair felt extra dry and brittle after using this shampoo.
Too much perfume
Scent is too strong and drying on the scalp. Not as pigmented as other brands of purple shampoo.
Leaves your hair super dry. It does not keep the brass out as much as other products
Keeps the brass out of your blonde
I’ve been using the product for a while and it’s the most effective shampoo to keep my blonde from turning brassy. The product is a little drying, so you’ll want to combine with the occasional deep conditioner.

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