Clarins Dry Touch Facial Sunscreen SPF 50

4.5 5 0 70 70 This face lotion‘s SPF 30 protection shields the skin from the harmful effects of the sun at various UV-index levels and outdoor activities, revealing the prettiest of tans. This high-protection skincare has a smooth texture and matte finish that hydrates and protects skin from visible damage caused by the sun and free radicals
Clarins Dry Touch Facial Sunscreen SPF 50


Clarins product is good
It works good on my skin , easy to use it and smell good
Bonne protection
Ce que j'aime de cette protection solaire pour le visage c'est le fait qu'elle soit à large spectre (UVA/UVB) en plus de laisser mon visage sec et non luisant. J'aime également sa fragrance. Très utile lors de mes marches quotidiennes tout au long de l'année, quel que soit la saison.
Great product
Smells nice, goes on easily. I wear it daily for sun protection.
Love it
This works wells for me, it protects my skin well under the sun.. would but it again
Good sunscreen
What I like in this product is the wide range of SPF. My face is a combination (dry/oily) and this product leaves my face DRY, not greasy at all. It makes it easier to use all day along. I love it just for this reason!
Good skin absorption
I have a very dry skin and this sunscreen has the perfect absorption. The only downside is the size, I wish I could buy in on a bigger package.
good protection, nice smell
The smell is nice and it is quickly absorbed by the skin. Also offers a good sun protection. Would buy again!
You need this
For me personally I think facial sunscreen is an absolute must. And this sunscreen is light and doesn’t go on greasy or leave a greasy feeling. It is light enough to use every day and under makeup. I recommend it
Amazing application & coverage
Great sunscreen 10/10! Provides great coverage from the sun and application is smooth and mess-free. Not super oily so appreciate that in a sunscreen!
It's ok
The product is a bit oily for my liking but average for a face sunscreen. As someone with slightly sensitive skin when it comes to SPF, this one fits in the category of higher likelihood to cause a breakout. Most sunscreens do that to me so I won't rate it too low.
Good protection from sun rays
This product is really great for the sensitive skin. It keeps your face from harmful rays of sun. Use it before you go out in sunny days. Your children can also use it safely on sunny days.
Love how it goes on
Unlike other products Ali have tried, Claris glides across the skin with no effort. No streaks are left on the surface. It has a very mild scent which I love. I mean I like the smell of coconuts, but I don’t want to smell like one! I did not burn at all and I have fairly light skin, prone to burning. I like that the packaging is small enough to put in my purse. I wear it every day so I am not usually carrying a huge beach bag. The lid stays on tight so no leaks, which is another problem I have experienced with other products. Overall, I would highly recommend this product.
i really like this product. although i have tried so many products but trust me this is from one of the bestest product that i use for my own. i would recommend this product to my near and dear ones.
Bring on the sun
Great lotion. Rubs in well and was non greasy. Will definitely buy again.
Great product
Clarins has one of the best products ever. This one left my face cleaned, soft and completely fresh. I will used it again

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