4.3 5 0 35 35 CLEAN & CLEAR® MORNING BURST® Skin Brightening Cleanser removes dirt, oil, and impurities deep down to your pores. This cleanser is ideal for all skin types. Specially formulated to reveal a visibly brighter complexion, the cleansing gel contains a blend of caffeine, lemon, and papaya, and releases an invigorating fruit fragrance to awaken your senses while you wash. MORNING BURST® Skin Brightening Cleanser is oil-free and won't clog pores.
CLEAN & CLEAR® Morning Burst® Skin Brightening Facial Cleanser with Bursting Beads
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Feels clean and refreshing!
I love washing my face with this stuff! I even have to stop myself from doing it too often because I love the fresh, clean feeling it leaves! I have always struggled with acne and while this doesn't make it all disappear, it does keep it relatively under control. If I go on vacation or don't use this stuff for a few days... my skin definitely notices.
Great product
This product is so good , I use it every morning and it definitely gives me a great boost . I definitely recommend this product if you need a great morning boost cleanser. 100% recommend
I love this cleanser, it's my favourite one! I have a combination skin type. This cleanser leaves my skin feeling clean and extremely soft. It smells amazing and cleans deep which leaves my skin feeling new and refreshed!
Tingles wh
Tried many types of face wash and this one is the best, by far. I have combination of oily & dry skin. This doesn't dry my skin. Clears up any blemishes and smells amazing! Ever since trying this out, I haven't looked back and continue to buy this product.
I use it every day!
I bought this when i was on vacation once and i loved it, it gives a great deep clean feeling and really helps wake me up in the mornings.
Morning Burst
I used this facial scrub for about 5 months. It was great!
Best facial cleanser
I have been using this face wash every morning for about 3 years. It is very effective at preventing and getting rid of acne. The scent is really nice and it actually does wake you up in the morning. It can make my skin a little dry so I recommend pairing it with a moisturizer. Very good at preventing acne. 10/10
Not the greatest for sensitive skin, a little drying.
i love this in the summer
this face wash is the best thing in the summer in my opinion, it makes your face look and feel so fresh, it has a great scent and wakes you up in the morning! i always repurchase!
Go-to face wash
I have been using this face wash every morning for about 3 years. It is very effective at preventing and getting rid of acne. The scent is really nice and it actually does wake you up in the morning.
cleans well
this product cleans the skin really well, but it takes all of the natural oils out of my face, its more of a concern if you have dry / combo skin, it leaves my skin very dry
I really like using this cleanser! It smells so fresh which makes it so nice to use in the morning! Also, a little bit goes a long way as I usually use an amount equal to half a pea to wash my face (concentrating on the T-zone). It cleans my face well without being overly drying and the beads help to exfoliate my skin.
My daughter and I enjoyed this product. We didn't break out while using it and didn't have any other reaction to the fragrance or other ingredients in it. Our skin was left clean and soft. Ready for the rest of our routine. Very pleased with this affordable product.
So refreshing to use especially in the mornings, it really wakes you up! It has a great scent and leaves your face glowing
J'adore particulièrement les produits "Clean and Clear" ! J'ai testé ce produit et je ne pourrais m'en passer le matin, maintenant. J'aime la sensasition de propreté qu'il laisse sur ma peau.

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