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Clear™ Scalp & Hair Therapy
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this product left my hair soft and shiny i wouldn't use it more then once a month
Not my favorite
I didn’t enjoy it....i just felt that it was too different than my usual shampoo and conditioner. My son loves it though (his hair is much shorter and lower maintenance than mine) and the price is right.
I was really disappointed in this product, I ended up using it once and then giving the remainder to my aunt.
The shampoo help my hair to recover the moisture my hair was so dry because of the water at work that I decided to try this and OMG the difference
It made my hair so soft and my scalp feel great loved it
I tried this product awhile back, I am always trying different Shampoo. This was my least favorite to date. I find it made my hair a tangled mess and didn't provide any additional moisture to my hair what-so-ever. I wouldn't use a free sample of this on my hair now.
Have been using the Clear line for about a year now. Great smelling, hair feels clean and soft afterwards and my scalp feels less itchy during the winter season. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to try the shampoo and conditioner. A great affordable product line!
Great shampoo and conditioner. Makes your hair feel super clean without it feeling like it's stripped.
This is one of the best drugstore shampoos I have ever used!... love the way my hair feels after using this, very light and never weighed down...hair feels clean and light, naturally clean!.. it smells really nice too!
I've actually tried this in the past and found it worked great...I don't know how it would hold up now though with my heavy dandruff.
smells great and works great a wonderful product inded
I liked this product, I use the whole range of products that Clear . I am using this very shampoo right now every time I wash my hair. I like the smell of it. I like how light and shinny my hair is after using it. I love this shampoo.
This is the only shampoo my daughter can use and since she started using it she has no more itchy scalp at all.
I like the idea of this product and really hoped for the best. Unfortunately I found it weighed down my thin hair and I got greasy quicker than normal when using it.
I quite liked this product and will use it in the future. It does a decent job of cleaning my hair.

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