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Clearasil Ultra® Overnight Face Lotion
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Not great
This did not work for my skin type at all. After one use, it left my skin not feeling hydrated at all, and over all there was no positive benefits. I will not be using again for a night time lotion
Leaves face feeling soft and moisturized without causing more acne!
My teen and pre-teen love this cream, it doesn`t dry out the skin but helps with the acne.
I have been very fortunate and I don`t have very acne prone skin, so I don`t think I would be trying the lotion. But my daughter likes this product and says it works well for her.
I`m hesitant of putting creams/lotions on my face, and avoid it altogether if I can.
I would love to try this. I don`t really have acne, however I have combination skin and rosacea. My doctor has recommened acne lotion not cleanser to even out the dry, itchy and redness of my skin. I hope this works!
i never try clerasil,maybe is good,but would love too
I don`t have very acne prone skin, so I don`t think I would be trying the lotion.
I would love to try this, it`d be great for a breakout especially if you have a big night planned for the next day.
I have not tried this and I don`t think I would due to sensitive skin
heard of clearsil can u plz send a sample waiting for samples
I havent tried this product but would love to give it a try considering that I`m 40 and still get pimples
I`ve never had much luck with any of the things that Clearasil make`s, in fact some even made my brake outs worse. So I think I`ll just stick with what I`m using now.
it looks like a good night cream i want to try it
my son uses this overnight face lotion. he says it works for the redness and the pimples.

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