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Clorox Kitchen Cleaner & Disinfectant
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Kitchen wonder l
Works great! I use it on sinks, countertops, everything in the kitchen! Does the trick!
Go to cleaner
Always have a bottle of this on hand, great at removing stains and disinfecting
Works great!
I use this daily for my sinks and showers. It never leaves a film or any kind of residue behind. Everything sparkles and even gets rid of stains on the grout. Definitely recommend
Great for Deep Cleaning
I use this product every time I’m doing a deep cleaning in the kitchen. It works tremendously well, & it’s assuring to know my cleaning product has bleach. The scent of bleach is pretty heavy, hence why I only use for deep cleaning.
Deep clean
We use this in the kitchen when we are doing a deep clean. It is very powerful and gets off any mess or surface you use it on. It does have a stronger bleach smell which is why we only use it during deep cleaning.
My go to cleaning agent!
I love this product. It's often hard to find so I'll often buy 2-3 at a time. Just spray/clean and wipe down, easy as 1,2,3. Smells fresh and takes away nasty stains on dishes and countertops.
One of my favourite products
This is definitely one of my favourite products to clean my kitchen. I feel confident knowing that my kitchen is completely disinfected after using this product. There is no residue left and the kitchen is left sparkling. I also love that the spray bottle literally uses every last drop so there is no product that is wasted.
This is the star of my kitchen. It gets everything out without needing to scrub.
I find it has way too much bleach in it so I dilute it with water before I use it and it still works great.
Clorox is good way to keep your kitchen clean and disenfected
haven't tried this product, interesting to find out.
I love Clorox product and especially the new design to allow you to use every last drop - great idea!
I use Clorox kitchen cleaner on all the surfaces in my kitchen and bathroom. Love that it disinfects and doesn't have a strong smell.
With four children, I am always very careful to maintain a clean and sanitized kitchen, especially in the summer months. With Clorox, I do not worry. It is tough, smells fresh and is also very well priced.
I love this product! I am an obsessive-compulsive cleaner and would not sleep until my kitchen is spotless every night! This product helps me get the task done swiftly and effectively. It also has a pleasant odour.

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