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works great, I use it everywhere from kitchen to bathroom
I love the product. It works and you do not have to put to much elbow grease for it to work.
easy to use, and very effective. It is safe on most materials.
Tried and liked it! Does the job :) It is powerful and cleans well. Stainless shines after the use.
Great product. Works really well. Alittle more costly but a overall great quality product. And smells clean also!
great ALL-IN-ONE product for efficient & quick cleaning
Good disinfectant & smells good. It is a bit more expensive then the average disinfectant cleaner so, if u find it on sale its a great buy.
Clorox Kitchen Cleaner & Disinfectant is one of the best kitchen cleaners I have ever tried. Clorox left my kitchen sparkling clean,shiny and I also like the fact that I know it was safe from germs. Great product .
It CLEANS!!!! Any mess in the kitchen & I use it in the bathroom too. LOVE this!
Use Clorox Kitchen Cleaner & Disinfectant everywhere in my house. I can rest assured this product will erase any germs. A fair product and good value'
With the frigid cold weather also comes the colds and flu season. This product works great to disinfect those surfaces that coukd harbor bacteria and make everyone sick. Smells clean and you can rest assured that the surface you spray and wipe are clean and disinfected. Grab a bottle and give it a try for yourself and see what all the buzz is about!
Superior product! Very happy that one can use on granite surfaces as well as stainless!
Works great. I can basically use it for anything in the bathroom and kitchen. I even use it to clean out my garbage cans. I would recommend this product to anyone.
I have switched from ALL other cleaning products, except for windows and mirrors. Not only does it clean extremely well but the smell is one of nothing but cleanliness. I am a convert and will never turn back. And don't forget about the "to the last drop" design. The "straw" goes right to the bottom to get every little drop possible. I love Clorox!!
Works great to clean those food stains off the counter and to clean the tough stuck on food from the stove too!

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