4.7 5 0 181 181 Clean and disinfect in one easy step with Clorox® Wipes Disinfecting with Micro-Scrubbers.
Clorox ® Wipes Disinfecting with Micro- Scrubbers
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Great spot disinfectant
I use this all the time. One of my quick , get it disinfected , get it cleaned wipes! Killing germs is a must on door handles, rails, light switches etc.. especially during cold/ flu season.
essential part of my life
These wipes are such an essential part of my life. I use them anywhere and everywhere. They are a part of my cleaning routine. Being a mother, I always carry them with me so that I can clean surfaces before my baby touches carts and door knobs etc. in public.
Nothing better than Clorox!
Overall this product always leaves everything clean and smelling good. Love Clorox!
Always have on hand
I use these wipes to clean my counter tops and bathroom. I seem to use them daily to wipe everything. I always have them on hand. The last few wipes are hard to remove.
Easy clean
This product is good and very convenient to use. I will recommend it to my friends.
Les lingettes désinfectantes Clorox sont un atout important à avoir à la maison. Facile à utiliser, il ne suffit que de les avoir à porté de main pour effacer les dégâts. Versatiles, on peut les utiliser sur beaucoup de surfaces et elles laissent un parfum de propreté très agréable!
Good for disinfecting
I use this about once a week on all germy spaces at home. Door knobs etc. Its good for cleaning and disinfecting. Has little microscrubbers for griminess. Smells fine and is easy on the hands.
Microscrubbers are fantastic
If all you're looking to do is clean up a bit of a spill, just stick with the regular Clorox wipes. If, however, you need to clean up something more substantial, caked or baked on, totally worth trying these great wipes. They're an absolute staple in our kitchen. Total plus that it kills pretty much all germs as well. Very highly recommended.
Fabulous product
disinfects leaving a clean and fresh lemony scent.
These wipes are great and disinfect well however they leave steaks and the packaging is hard to use, if the cloth falls inside you have to open the lid and try to get your hand not the container to get a wipe out which can be difficult either redesign the package or make the lid wider and not as deep.
clorox wiped
these are my go twos for a quick clean and the smell is not overly strong
Effective but the scent could use some improvements.
I know that having scent be at the top of my list of concerns for a disinfectant product is kind of stupid and seems like a fairly minor concern, but I tend to use wipes like this ON EVERYTHING in my home pretty much, so the smell ends up having a legit impact. I usually end up going with Lysol Wipes simply for the better scents. This product is equally effective as the Lysol ones, and these ones are actually cheaper more often than not, but along with the less pleasant smell, I find these wipes to dry out my skin on my hands way more than the Lysol wipes as well. I would drill purchase and use these Clorox ones with no hesitation if Lysol wipes were sold out or what have you. I would also still recommend these wipes as well.
Must have
Great product !! I use this product every day in my house. Make my life a little easier
Nice product
Great product. Love the micro-scrubbers. Stuck on dirt comes off much easier. No need to use 2 products for 1 job.
Clorox Wipes
I enjoyed using this product. I find the smell really refreshing and clean. It also helps with any stuck on partials you can scrub it off with the wipe. I would recommend this product to my friends and family.

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