Club Crackers Original

4.8 5 0 304 304 Delicious melt-in-your-mouth crackers with an indulgent buttery taste - and a flaky texture you can enjoy every day.
Club Crackers Original


Awesome Snack!!
I tried this snack cracker a couple months ago and now they're always in my "go bag". Excellent!!
Great snackers
I’ve had these in the past, they are great for a go too for lunch’s and snacks, I’ve had them with tuna and different cheeses, so far these are one of my favourites.
Yum please try me.
Best crackers ! We use them for everything in my household. Great with cheese, peanut butter, humas. The have great texture and a nice light buttery taste. Don't get soggy fast like most cracker.
I really liked the shape for putting sliced cheese on. The cracker was very tasty, but I found them overly salty. We have to watch our salt intake due to health issues. These crackers would be perfect if not so salty.
Club Crackers Original is the best cracker to serve on a charcuterie board with meats and cheeses or just to snack on plain. When I was pregnant they helped big time with nausea. Would recommend.
A nice light Cracker
I have purchased these in place of Ritz . I found that they are alot lighter in texture . But I do enjoy them. They are perfect to put out with a meat and cheese tray . They are packaged in sleeves so breakage is very minimal, so that is a very positive feature . I also believe there are more crackers in the package for the same price !
Go to snack
Love the buttery flavour of the cracker.great on its own or with a little cream cheese.
Great snacking cracker
These crackers have become my go to when I want a quick snack. They are great with cheese or on their own. The flavour is great.
Buttery Indulgence
There are lovely to snack on! I top them with cream cheese dip and a bit of cucumber or leave them plain with smoked oysters. They are fantastic with marmalade, jams, jellies, Nutella or as a family snack with a veggie tray. Versatile and easy nibbles for any occasion!
Used the Product while watching NHL Hockey games. Watched the Raptors Basketball ,and used the product as well while watching The Rookie TV show. It helped me with the Munchies during my Retirement times.
Great crackers
These crackers are really good.. they are great with cheese or in tomato soup or just the way they are..Take them on the go for a quick snack
Best cookie
The cookies are very tasty and savourius
The best
These crackers are amazing. A very buttery flavour but the best thing is if you have allergies such as dairy and egg, you're allowed these. It's always exciting when more everyday items are becoming allergen friendly.
Love this cracker
I like that they are not salty and they hold up nicely with cheese or any spreads on them.
Great cracker
These crackers don’t last long in our house. They taste great plain or with cheese or dips

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