4.8 5 0 189 189 Delicious melt-in-your-mouth crackers with an indulgent buttery taste - and a flaky texture you can enjoy every day.
Club Crackers Original
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I love these crackers! I serve them with smoked salmon and almond cheese ball. Yummy combination!
Great Crackers
I love these crackers. They're so tasty. I eat them on their own as a little salty snack with my tea, have them with hummas or sliced cheese, or crumble them in soup. They're not too salty.
Interesting flavour
It has been a few months since I last ate this product. When no other crackers are available then these are fine in a pinch. The flavour is not what I expect in a cracker. The texture is light and not too greasy. I would not buy these on a regular basis, but if offered at someone else's home I would eat them.
Melt in your mouth crackers
These crackers are sooo good...just to snack on or as a cracker for cheeses/deli type meats of any kind, or great with soup. I have given these to all of my grandchildren as well, and they ask for them. I find these more pleasant to chew than the other shredded wheat type. They have a buttery flavour and i always use them when entertaining with other appetizers
Club cracker
I love these crackers the practically melt in your mouth and have such a rich taste to them they are perfect as a snack or as part of a cheese platter at your next get together.
Club Crackers
These are the best crackers. They are absolutely delicious and have such a great buttery taste. They pair up with any topping and they have a melt-in-your-mouth flakey texture. We switched over so long ago and have found no other crackers that can compare.
These crackers took me back to my childhood. They are very good!
Tastes Great
This is a great tasting cracker. Goes with anything. Can even eat them plain.
Delicious crackers for any occasion. Light buttery flavour and taste amazing.
I would love to try those crackers I’m sure they are delicious

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