4.8 5 0 189 189 Delicious melt-in-your-mouth crackers with an indulgent buttery taste - and a flaky texture you can enjoy every day.
Club Crackers Original
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Buttery Flavor
Great buttery flavour and a perfect size for making appetizers with them.
Great crackers for serving with dips and cheese, sausage and pickles. Great value for your money.
Great tasting
This buttery tasting cracker is top notch on any cheese platter. Great tasting on it's own too. Quick snack anytime. This cracker is very tasty and needs no improvement. I would recommend this product.
Club crackers
Great tasting cracker. Great for snacking with cheese. They had a bit more flavor than a regular salted top cracker. No improvement needed.
Great tasting
These crackers are an amazing tasting cracker. I have them with my cheese almost every day at work. The taste of these is great tasting with or without anything on them. I would recommend these to anyone wanting a nice snack. My wife takes a sleeve to work and just has them to munch on.
Great snack cracker!
I always bring this cracker along with meat and cheese to any holiday party. They are a big hit since they are so tasty!
I got these to try and I found it good was nice with cheese or just the margarine
Kebbler cracker love
So happy they came too Canada . They are wonderful with stuff on them or plain they are great . Hold up well the taste is amazing and great for kids lunches and dipping
Just perfect snak for y kids they loved it. Salty and good with tomato or peanut butter. Cest mes préférer je les adore . Juste parfaitement salé.
Tastes so good. It is perfect for pairing with cheese and meat. Never have been disappointed with the variety of things I can do with these crackers.
Club Crackers
These Crackers are Salty and Sweet, great for topping with just about anything you can think of!
Awesome crackers with a delicious taste. I like the texture and taste. It kind of remind me of similar crackers i had as a kid. Maybe variety in taste would be nice. Like butter, cheese, or different topping taste.
These Toppable crackers have a flaky, buttery flavour to them. These taste good on their own or topped with cream cheese. I will be buying these again. My kids enjoy them with peanut butter.
Great buttery flavor
I have loved these since childhood. They are great with all kinds of things: hard cheese, cured meats, cheese spreads, peanut butter, jam, hummus, whatever! Even by themselves, they make a nice little snack.
Club Original
Moi j'aime le goût de ce biscuit, j'ai toujours une boîte en réserve chez moi.

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