4.6 5 0 45 45 Grind to release the fresh, robust aroma and flavour of Oregano to enhance your everyday meals during cooking or at the table.
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Unlike traditional spices in jars I find this to not only taste fresher and have more flavour but it lasts longer. In my opinion grinders are the only way to go.
Great flavour!!!
Being about to grind the spice give it a nice fresh taste. I often buy clubhouse spices and love them
Tasty Seasoning
Whenever I cook spaghetti/pasta I make sure to use this seasoning. It adds a great flavor and the grinding mechanism works great.
Cette epice est excellente surtout dans une recette de spaghetti, elle ajoute du goût. J’ai adoré le type de contenant, il est agréable à utiliser et rend l’utilisation plus rapide et plus facile. Je recommande ce produit
I'll never go back
Oregano is one of my go to spices for spaghetti. I used to use the stuff out of the bag and always seemed to make a mess. I LOVE the grinder idea.
Makes taste food great
I didn’t have this product until I saw it on this site so I had to go out and buy this one, but it did not disappoint!
Tasty I recommend to use on chicken . Lightly season on before cooking then flip 15 mins then season more
Oregano in a grinder
Nice fresh smell and great tasting. I add it to spaghetti as it’s cooking. Brings out more flavour in the sauce.
Reliable flavourful brand
Handy little grinder that keeps the oregano fresh tasting/smelling.
It's handy to have on hand, I use this herb all the time. The grinder makes it perfect for the right amount of herb you want to use. You can also adjust it to the density you need. (Rough chop or thin chop).
Great idea
This is one of several herbs that I always have on hand. The built in grinder is a nice way to deliver extra flavour to foods. The grinder can be a little finicky, like all grinders out there. Please provide a "refill" product for this container.
Awesome product!
Love this great little herb grinder. This does a wonderful job and give it a really fresh taste and smell.
Easy to use
Great taste and easy to use. I like that it breaks up the flakes and opens up the aroma of the herb.
This provides the perfect amount you need each time when cooking or baking We will Definitely purchase this again
Works well
Small so fits nicely in a spice cupboard. The spice is good and flavourful.

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