Club House Oregano Herb Grinder

4.6 5 0 77 77 Grind to release the fresh, robust aroma and flavour of Oregano to enhance your everyday meals during cooking or at the table.
Club House Oregano Herb Grinder


love these
even though it is classed as a dry product it is much better than that ,the fact that it is a grinder might help as very little air gets inside to degrade the taste
I put this on almost everything
Amazing flavour a must have in the kitchen Ibye this 4 or 5 times a year
Very handy!
Oregano is one of those spices everyone has in there kitchen. Extremely versatile, can be used to spice up salads, vegetables, or even dips. It may help with digestion or even help reduce coughs as it is high in antioxidants. Something I myself use quite often, I have to say the grinder has made it so much easier to dispense and I would definitely be okay if all my spices were like this!
Great potential
Club House Oregano Herb Grinder is a great idea, very well suited to someone who may be just starting out in the kitchen, or someone unsure of spices enough to buy a grinder but loves oregano. Would recommend.
One of the most versatile spices, can be used in many recipes.
Yes I used it on most of my cooking , chicken , potatoes , soups etc... i love oregano
Must have in your house
I’m using this everyday from pasta, pizza, any sauce, I like to use this, and I’m improvising in kitchen.
Façon rapide d’avoir des épices sous la mai. Beaucoup aimer
Bought for camping, it was easy to carry and got to have fresh herbs for cooking by the fire. Only bought when it was on sale, but will definitely will purchase again
Thid Oregano is fresh and goes well with many meat dishes
I find the flavour rich and pure. It has a great fresh taste and holds well in this great container.
More flavourful than other oregano
Because it comes with a grinder it is more flavourful than other oregano, and I don’t like “big” pieces of oregano in my food so this is great! Also you can’t go wrong with this brand of spices. Great product! Would recommend.
Will purchase again
I bought this on sale and loved it. The price was great and the product tastes fresh every time I use it
herb grinder moulin fines herbes
Ce moulin à origan permet de préserver les arômes et saveurs jusqu'au dernier moment et offre une belle mouture régulière . La prise en main et la facilité d'utilisation sont remarquables, il est aussi très pratique car il évite les manipulations des fines herbes, il se dépose directement sur le plan de travail et est prêt a l'utilisation.
Like the Grinder
I like oregano and grabbed this when I needed some and had run out. I really like the grinder!! I finished this bottle, and went back to a large bottle, and tried to refill this, but could not get it open, so no grinding for me! I also like that it's small and compact! The one thing I would like is for it to be refillable so I can keep using the device. I would even buy the refills from clubhouse as I like their products.
Best spice ever!
I absolutely love this herb grinder! It is super easy to use and is actually very good for adding flavor to any dish. I have bought all of my spices from club house and in this packaging as I swear by it. Love it!

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