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Love this product
I alway bought this product and loved it.But sorry Can't use it anymore because of diet reason...So very said about this.
Glad the sugar is gone.
Hazlenut is the best. I wouldn't use anything else.
Hazelnut Coffee cream
I have tried it with both Tea and coffee. It adds distinctive flavor to the drink. I like the dark colour of the Tea. As an added bonus it is sugar free.
Yum Yum
Having my joe right now Loved the hazelnut flavoured. Coffee Mate is the best liquid . Powdered any way .I even use a bit of the hazelnut flavoured on my vanilla icecream
Hazelnut sugar free creamer.
Loved the hazelnut. It’s the only one I use in my coffee. I tried others and I just don’t like the taste.
Taste is excellent, just love it. Also love the fact it is sugar free.
no sugar added
Love Hazelnut....the fact that it is sugar free is awesome!!
Too sweet
I normally take my coffee black but I do like some of the coffee white nurse that are flavored but I found this one was a bit too sweet for my liking
This a definite 5+. I use it daily. There are so many choices to choose. I can't drink my coffee now without it. I bought some for the office and may just have switched a few more over. The taste is out of this world whichever flavour you choose
Not to sweet
Did not like this at all thought the taste was flat almost stale tasting
I love coffee mate and I like this one because I drink DD so when I put my sugar in I don't want to out my cream in and make it sweeter so this is perfect because I still like my coffee light coloured
This makes my coffee taste really good. I would recommend this.
Très délicieux, pas la peine d'ajouter de la sucre et très bon pour un petit déjeuner pour les adultes comme les enfants.
This is so good that I could drink it all on its own. Both Hazelnut and Vanilla are very delicious and i would recommend to everyone :)
Tried this coffee mate out and I usually have the original but truthfully can not really taste to much difference it still is great in your coffee sugar free or original

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