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Colgate Optic White
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I really didn’t like this one. My immediate experience was bad. I opened the toothpaste and immediately a whole bunch of whitish watery stuff just started dripping out. Like a ton. Eventually it got to the ‘harder’ toothpaste, but it made me really concerned that it was ‘off’ in some way. Then when I brushed my teeth with the initial part, it left my mouth with a really horrible feeling afterwards. Like my teeth were coated with a thick dry slime. My tongue also sloughed off the next day on the top layer. I was really worried that it was concentrated somehow or the chemicals had separated and caused me danger. That was enough for me. The rest of my household continued to use it and they thought it was ok. I didn’t like the vanilla ‘ice-cream’ kind of taste, though again others didn’t mind that much. It had a minor difference on tooth whiteness in one week. However, my initial experience was so bad, I really can’t recommend it.
Great flavor and not too minty
I have issues with many toothpaste just having too much mint flavor for my comfort level. I enjoy the flavor of this toothpaste and have noticed a difference in the color of my teeth. I have bridge work that is 10 years old and the rest of my teeth are perfect match to this unstained bridge Thanks Colgate!
Dentifrice blanchissant
J'ai déjà acheté ce dentifrice mais je n'ai pas vraiment vu de différence au niveau du blanchissement comparativement avec d'autres marques. Je n'utilise pas souvent ces genres de dentifrices car ils sont assez abrasifs pour les dents. Faire attention si on a beaucoup de sensibilité aux dents.
Awesome product but, be careful if you have sensitivity!
One of the best toothpastes. You can actually feel your mouth getting clean. Also makes your breath smell fresh. Not too sure about the whiting but still a great toothpaste.
I usually won't spend over like a dollar on toothpaste but this stuff actually works and I enjoy the taste
I have seen results quite fast with this product and I will continue to use it to see even better results. I would highly recommend this.
Super deja un aliento muy fresco y tus dientes mas blancos que mas puedes pedir
This product does brighten my smile but I cannot use it everyday. As someone with sensitive teeth, it definitely made my teeth more sensitive and I had to switch back to a less harsh product.
Tried this toothpaste in hopes of a whiter smile. Didn’t notice much of a difference.
have been using the optic white toothpaste for years and I always stock up with I see a sale at shoppers for $1.99. I still remember the first tube I used, within weeks I can already see the difference. I'm pleasantly surprised that the result is so obvious.
I love this toothpaste. I have definitely seen results while using this toothpaste. It leaves my mouth feeling clean and fresh.
I have tried numerous whitening products. I find the Colgate White Platinum the number one of whitening toothpastes. It is the only over the counter product that I can actually see a difference. I would highly recommend this product!
I defimelty felt like this product helped me to get a little it brighter but kept my mouth feeling so fresh
This toothpaste leaves my breath feeling fresh for hours after using it. I haven't noticed a difference in whitening though.

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