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Colgate* Sensitive Pro-Relief™
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Good and helpful
Helps sensitivity pain and lasts long enough for minor sensitivity relief. Definitely pair it with flossing and fluoride to support the healing and pain relief. Would recommend for minor sensitivity.
This product does help sensitivity somewhat, although not instant. Need to use daily as regular toothpaste. Sensodyne Rapid works much better than this.
Great for sensitive teeth
Great for sensitive teeth and I liked the fact that it is safer than the usual sensitivity formulas. Also, I have always liked the Colgate toothpaste for its taste and trust of the brand.
Tastes bad and doesn't help sensitivity
I cannot recommend this toothpaste for people with sensitivity in the slightest. I tried it in the past (a sample size) and when I got this I had an inkling it was the same one. Within a few days of using it, my sensitivity came back with a vengeance, it was like it did nothing at all to help it. So for that reason alone, I wouldn’t use this. I would recommend the Colgate Smart White over this (though granted it's double the price), which also repairs but doesn’t affect my sensitivity, or even the regular Colgate Total. This also doesn’t taste good, which I know is normal for ‘repair’ toothpastes, but I just couldn’t get past the taste of this. The taste is strong and even for a repair toothpaste, it’s really difficult to take; sour and bitter in equal measures. Basically, I ended up rushing my teeth because I couldn’t stand it, so that’s not great for your oral hygiene. I really don’t have words for how much I hated this.
Colgate Sensitive
Just started using this toothpaste. Seems to be working well so far. I do have a problem/issue with the tube itself. The toothpaste is hard to squeeze out at times. I also question the ability to get at the toothpaste out near the end as you cannot roll the tube as it is plastic and awkward
Muy buen producto
Este producto es muy bueno .limpia bn los dientes y le ayudan mucho a la sencibilidad de estos
Colgate pro sensitive is awesome product. Its effective. It actual protects teeth from sensitivity and i can eat or drnk hot or cold. Thanks to colgate pro sesitivity
I really liked this product. I does clean my teeth well and leaves a minty fresh scent in my mouth at the same time.
It work...........................................................................................................
Every now and then I have one of two teeth that cause me pain. One of my teeth was damaged by my dentist and the other is sensitive after having a root canal done to it. I find this toothpaste really helps when either of these two teeth are flaring up in pain. Try it, it just might help you.
Colgate is really affordable, isnt harsh on the gums and teeth, has a pleasant smell , and makes your teeth look whitened. For the cost of this toothpaste its worth it
I like this toothpaste, it works well for me. I like how it takes away my mild pain so I drink my hot chocolate in the winter, or have my popsicles in the summer. I put the tooth paste on certain areas of my gums near a few teeth that are the sensitive ones. After the tooth paste sits there for about 4 minutes, I'll then brush my teeth.
Seems to work the same as any other sensitive toothpaste. I buy it on sale.
It's really my preferred toothpaste because it works so well for me.
I use this toothpaste on a daily basis and I can drink cold water or bite into an ice cream without any problems. I really love this product. I enjoy the fresh clean feeling and great taste, leaving my whole mouth fresh, clean and protected. I had very sensitive teeth. Thanks Colgate, great product!

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