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Colgate® SlimSoft Charcoal
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My favourite toothbrush !
I have gone through 3 of these and keep going back for the same one. The slim design and soft bristles make this a great toothbrush. Extra soft, so you don’t feel like your ripping your gums apart but does a great job of cleaning your teeth ! I’ll keep buying this one again and again.
Incroyable produit
Cette brosse à dents spéciale est faite de soies de charbon de bois et elle nettoie vraiment bien les taches sur nos dents. Elle est douce et se manipule très bien, va dans tous les endroits de notre bouche facilement. Elle est idéale pour les gens qui ont les dents sensibles. Un produit à recommander.
Thanks to TMJ, I have sensitive teeth and have been advised by my dentist to use a soft brush. I have tried MANY different ones but this one is the BEST by far that I have ever used. It's like a massage for your teeth. I feel it getting between the teeth - comfortably! It is fantastic and would highly recommend it and will keep on buying them for sure. It's actually a pleasure to brush my teeth now and I do it for longer!
This toothbrush is amazing. The bristles are really soft, and does not tear apart your gums while brushing. The Bristles get between teeth for an all over clean feeling. The charcoal bristles take stains away like magic. Pair it with Optic White toothpaste for even better results. I found this toothbrush at WalMart for 3.97 for all of you that are looking to try it.
First time seeing this one, it looks interesting enough. A black bristle tooth brush, I want to try this. Have not seen it anywhere local yet.
This product is so soft that I did not want to stop brushing. An excellent product! A definite buy for everyone who like soft bristles!
tried but not to fond of the bristles.
I tried it and went back to my Oral B. Just didn`t get the same clean feeling.
J ai une dentition tres sensible vous voyez est les simple brosse a dent me blesse . alors cette offre ne pourrais etre pour quelq un d autre je vous en suplie choissiser moi
allo j aimerais essayé le Colgate® SlimSoft Anthracite
I would love to try this. I have really sensitive teeth and gums. The soft bristles won't hurt my gums. Very excited. Hope I get to test product.
Best idea I have seen in a long time! Would love to try this. If only I could find it...
l'essayer serait peut-être un ajout.une petite compacte,très agréable
love love love the idea of slimmer bristles. Some toothbrushes feel like I have a scrubbing brush in my mouth. Also need a soft brush so it looks like I will be buying this one
Bought some of these too. One for each of us. Got the same issue as you, need the softest toothbrush. Can't wait to try it.

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