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Bought this toothbrush last night as it caught my eye with the black bristles! It looks cool and I need to use a soft toothbrush due to receding gumsFrom hard brushing. It`s super soft and I can actually feel the bristles going in between the teeth. I`ve never had a toothbrush like this and it`s amazing. I will definitely be using the slim bristle Colgate brushes in the future as nothing else compares!
No idea that this item was available for sale. Would like to give it a try.
I have not seen this product in any of the stores in my area.
i have not tried this product, but having dental issues in the back of my mouth, i feel this may be a suitable product for me. because the issue is behind my molar in a difficult spot, thinner bristles may provide more comfort. i`ll likely be purchasing this at my next stop to shopper`s rug mart / sobey`s
Interesting item, we would love to try it! I`m always swapping out old tooth brushes for fresh so this may be our next one!
Never had to buy toothbrushes since dentist is always giving us some BUT if I see this there I will grab it for sure.
I haven`t seen this one to try it yet,but having kids in the house means lots of toothbrush use, so will have to look out for them to let the kids try.
Jamais vu ni entendu parler de ce produit. Je vais garder l`oeil ouvert!
This product sounds interesting. Will look for it in the store.
I wish there was more written about this product, have no idea what it does.
I would love to try this and I have looked in multiple stores and have not been able to find it! When I do I will let everyone know what I think about it! Edited to try it!
Would like to try this product please.Haven`t found them on the shelves yet!!!
i would love to try this product please
haven`t seen these yet, but would like to try.
I haven`t seen this tooth brush yet, but I`d love to give it a try. It sounds like a good stocking stuffer as well.

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