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Cookie Chips - Chocolate Chip
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I tried these because I had both a coupon and they were on sale. I was not sure what I would think of these cookies. They were better than expected. They have plenty of chocolate chips. I really like the "thinness" of the cookie and the crunch that comes with them. Great treat.
sinfully delicious
can't get enough, try to limit the number of these thin "cookies" great product
all of them are amazing ,,, sea salt is my fav. one but this one is a close first !
These have a nice buttery flavour to them. Very hard to put down. Better buy more than one box of these cookies.
These are amazing, especially for when you want to indulge but don't want to overdo it! These are a tasty little treat!
These cookies are so thin and crunchy, they are very delicious! I found I kept reaching for them. The ingredients are all familiar and simple, and the taste is almost like homemade.
they were pretty good - in fact you could easily lose track of how many you've eaten - so take them from the box first - you'll savour them better!
These addicting cookie chips are a favourite treat in my house! Love the crunch and sweetness combined with a reasonable portion size
Love these!!! My daughter asks for these before any other cookie!!!
These are so addictive! Love them mostly oatmeal and raisin
Too good to stop at one, two or ten! Definitely worth buying
They weren't as thin and chip-like as I expected, but still good.
These are surprisingly good, they are crisp and have a nice taste. It is too easy to go through the entire package in one sitting.
A family brought these in for the health care team at work and they were a hit. Taste like a chocolate chip cookie but with an extra crunch. It's a light and delicious snack if you don't have time to sit and eat. Only down side is that one box was not enough, the box was empty within 15 minutes and team just devoured them.
I LOVE these. All of the flavours are great, but the chocolate chip is fantastic. Crunchy, great taste, and I don't feel like I'm gorging by having a few.

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