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Coppertone Waterbabies® Whipped Sunscreen SPF50
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I have very active kids, they out doors most of the day, this easy to apply.
L'essayer c'est l'adopter!
Mousse légère et s'étend très bien sur la peau. Ne laisse pas la peau blanche et huileuse. Une légère odeur agréable. Le seul bémol, le mécanisme de fermeture s'ouvre souvent dans les sacs créant parfois de mini dégâts de crème solaire. Oups!
Perfect for all kids
I used this product on my 6 & 2 year old daughters and 4 month old son. Worked perfect for all children being in and out of the lake this summer. Super easy to apply, goes on very smooth.
Easy to put on
This sunblock works great. I’ve been using it on my little one since he was 3 months old. No irritation and goes on smooth.
I loved this product
I loved this product. I put it on my 2 year old son and my 13 year old daughter before they got in the pool. It stayed on even in the water, never came off into the water, and definitely blocked all of the sun. Neither was sunburnt. Very easy to apply as well. Not messy at all. I've already bought quite a few to stock up on for next year.
I love this product smells nice and applys easy only thing i dislike is its such a low spf & comes out so fast
This is a great product, I use it all the time and my son has never got burnt.
Great sunscreen, very easy to use on my skirmy kids. Rubs in well and works amazing, as it is coppertone I can trust it to protect my little ones
High SPF, trusted brand and so easy to spread without a greasy smear all over. It doesn't bother my sensitive skin and I feel safe using it on my granddaughter. It is always in our outdoor bag.
It is a good brand and would recommend it to others if they have children of their own
I love how easy it is to use, when you have kids that is a must have for moms. Just spray on, voilà.
This sunscreen is great for kids that don't want to stand still when applying sunscreen. The whipped effect makes it very easy to apply and blend into the skin in a short amount of time. It also protects well from the sun. My only downfall would be that it's not the best sunscreen for kids with sensitive skin. My 3 year old started to itch after applying this to his skin, however my 6 year old had no issues.
Use it each and everyday! I work outdoors and love the new spray! It also softens my skin.
I trust this brand greatly for my kid's sun protection. Light and non-greasy.
Jamais essayer ce modèle mais j’achète que coppertone pour ma famille!

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