4.3 5 0 216 216 There’s nothing like that “clean in-between” feeling – for all-over freshness. Cottonelle® brand cares for your bottom with a shower-fresh feeling that leaves you confidently clean.
Cottonelle® Fresh Care Wipes
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A decent wipe
Contonelle wipes are lightly scented and do not irritate my sensitive skin. They are thick, but, on the down side, I do find they tear easily. Despite this, they do still clean well.
Not very good
I tried these wipes & found them to be very small & thin & weak, all things you absolutely do not want lol. I would give these a hard pass. I think the only okay thing about these was that they were flushable. Literally flushing your money down the toilet lol
Very good product
I loved these wipes. The perfume is very good and does not leave my skin irritated. Super recommend it.
Perfect for sensitive skin
I have very sensitive skin and this was great. No irritation and honestly just a clean feeling. Packaging would be better if more discreet but other than that I would recommend!
These are convenient and do not irritate my skin. Overall it is a good product.
Really enjoy using this for when I need a little something extra to clean up
Not only babys deserve a nice wipe. This is a nice productive and good for sensative skin.
These are amazing! I have two cats that occasionally get dirty paws. They are soft enough and do not have chemicals that irritate their paws. I use it sometimes to wipe their bum as well. They are so great!
I like the Cottonelle wipes. I feel clean & fresh after using them. I use the wipes more than toilet paper now, I'm so glad I discovered these. If I use too many (in the same day) I do get irritated. I buy the 252 refill packs so it is even less expensive than the small packs. Often, the wipes don't come out correctly from the cottonelle dispenser. There is some type of glue sometimes that holds one wipe to the next which I try to remove before using.
I love Cottonelle wipes! They make messes easy to clean up, and they're safe to use on skin. I give this product a 5 star rating and would buy again for my family :)
We use these all the time. They leave you with a fresh clean feel, are the right size, and a very mild scent.
We have a big family so these wipes are a must-have up at the family cottage where we use water sparingly and try not to over-run the septic tank. They definitely help to make you feel cleaner which is a big morale booster on a long vacation without proper showers ha, ha!
These are great and are handy to keep around all the time. They have a nice fresh scent and are flushable.
I like these wipes, especially for my young daughter. They only thing I am nervous about is my septic system. I know these are suppose to be safe but I am nervous!
I buy these for the whole family makes us feel fresh and clean,puts them in my grandsons schoolbag,he won,t leave home without them ,I will deffinityly continue to buy and spread the word around how great they are

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