4.3 5 0 45 45 There’s nothing like that “clean in-between” feeling – for all-over freshness. Cottonelle® brand cares for your bottom with a shower-fresh feeling that leaves you confidently clean.
Cottonelle® Fresh Care Wipes
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Reviews say they are fantastic.. Please send me a sample ty
i usually have an off brand of wipes but would like to try this product and then give my responce
Not sure how to express myself for this one but I'd love to try these wipes. "stay fresh-everywhere- all day" (?)
I would love to try this new product and then if I like it buy it in the future.
Haven't tried these, but think they would be great to take on my hikes, would love a sample..
i used them in my car and camper good to have on hand would like to try cottonelle kind
I haven't tried Cottonelle Fresh Care Wipes yet I would like to try them and write a review about them
Now here`s another product that is a must to buy,especially for those young toilet trainers.awsome idea.
I like the idea of these, It would definitely keep me feeling fresh all day long. I`m also enthused to hear that they are sewer and septic safe! I might try these if I see them on sale.
I Might try these if I saw them on sale somewhere.
will have to try these for my daughter, maybe it will save my toilet paper
I had gotten a sample of these with the thing to hang the package on my wall. It only stayed up for about an hour and pulled the paint right off of my wall. They also dried up pretty fast because no one wanted to use them. They all said the reminded them of baby wipes and they weren`t babies. So I`ll never be buying these.
Nothing out there better to keep you fresh and clean when needed.
I absolutely love these. Bought them for my son, and I think I use it as much as he does :)
I purchase these for my kids as they are larger and a lot more durable/thicker than the Kan-Doos.

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